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FLIR offers a challenging and stimulating work environment with competitive compensation packages that take local customs and practices into account. 
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A company’s culture comes from its people. With a focus on building strong relationships, FLIR fosters a positive and collaborative environment where employees can learn, be creative, and build their career.

FLIR Cameras
FLIR Cameras


FLIR values its employees and has created a flexible and friendly work environment where individuals can excel and contribute significantly to the success of the company. All our teams enjoy generous benefits, as we believe it is important to provide a comprehensive rewards system to support your professional growth, well-being, and financial future.



As a growing company, FLIR wants to see its employees develop and flourish as well. Through our various programs, employees are encouraged and supported to continue their education and learning, develop their careers with FLIR, and save for their eventual retirement. Employees are kept up-to-date on all things FLIR through monthly newsletters and presentations. All employees receive annual performance reviews, and long-term service is recognized and rewarded through various avenues.

Everyday Ease.

FLIR kitchen

When everything else is taken care of, employees can focus on the task at hand. FLIR is pleased to provide those creature comforts that make the day go smoothly; from excellent coffee, snacks and even full meals in some office locations, to commuting incentives and subsidies, to a casual dress code. FLIR is constantly looking to find innovative ways to make life easy for employees.



FLIR Soccer day

FLIR employees like to have fun too, of course! At FLIR, we love to celebrate birthdays; whether through an awesome gift or a special team lunch, we’ll be sure your big day doesn’t pass by unnoticed! Ping Pong tables are set up at several locations. Team building events, holiday parties and family events are held throughout the year.




FLIR cares about the health of its employees and their families, and provides competitive benefits packages that ensure employees’ medical needs are taken care of. Employees receive annual vacation (amounts vary by region), which they are encouraged to use up annually. FLIR strives to inspire employees to stay fit and healthy by inviting them to participate in fun fitness activities and events throughout the year, such as running events, cycling, and recreational sports after work.

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The work environment

The strength of the relationships at FLIR is what keeps the wheels going.



FLIR employees strive to be experts in all things relating to our business, and take complete ownership over their projects, tasks and areas of responsibility. Our team-oriented culture plays a key role in our mission towards excellence!



Quality is embedded into every aspect of FLIR's operation; from recruiting employees, to designing technology, to shipping finished products. Everyone takes a proactive approach to making continuous improvements in our day to day operations.



In a high tech environment, the landscape is always changing. FLIR's employees have a thirst for knowledge and for continued learning and growth, which keeps us on the cutting edge of innovation.



The strength of the relationships at FLIR is what keeps the wheels going. A cooperative and supportive environment ensures that employees feel empowered to do their best and succeed.


FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions (formerly Point Grey Research, Inc.)

Office Locations & Responsibilities

Richmond, Canada

Canada FlagThe newly acquired FLIR Office is located in a 52,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, a short distance away from the breathtaking Olympic city of Vancouver. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, all phases in our operational cycle originate from this location; research & development, engineering, manufacturing, testing, sales & marketing, customer support and administration. Our manufacturing facility boasts an impressive array of high-end equipment, including dedicated SMT lines, AOI and X-ray machines, an industrial clean room and automated test stations.

Beijing, China

China Flag Our growing office in Beijing is the home to one of our subsidiary companies. The team in this location provides sales and support for customers located in PR China, Hong Kong and Macao, and is also tightly integrated with HQ to provide support for administrative and operational functions.

Ludwigsburg, Germany

Germany Flag Located in Germany’s leading province for industrial technology, the Ludwigsburg office is the home of our flagship subsidiary. The sales and support teams have been providing outstanding customer service to our European customer base since 2006.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan FlagThe focus of our Japan office is on supporting our network of distributors throughout Asia. Our sales and support representatives work hard to ensure that a high level of service is maintained to customers in these regions, and are often on the road to visit customers or attend trade shows.


USA FlagThe Atlanta office is the home of the Brickstream line of sensors which has become the market leader in people counting and tracking for retail analytics with more than 175,000 sensors deployed globally. They are recognized as the most advanced, accurate, and reliable stereo vision sensors in the world.


USA Flag To service our North American customer base, FLIR has strategically located sales representatives throughout North America. Working from remote offices, our sales reps are often on the go, visiting customers and attending trade shows.