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Insights March 2018

Next Generation High Speed Interfaces Compared
In this white paper, FLIR Product Marketing Manager Mike Fussell provides updates on the latest generations of Ethernet, USB3, Thunderbolt, CameraLink, and CoaXPress. He describes how their performance characteristics and marketing factors impact suitability for applications like 3D scanning, AOI, and virtual reality.

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New Sony Polarization Sensor
Polarization is a light filtering method for imaging reflective surfaces. When imaging objects with multiple reflective surfaces, developers use multiple cameras with filters or use very expensive sensors. Sony has recently announced a polarization sensor at a much more accessible cost. This article provides a first look at this technology and its applications.

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FLIR Blackfly S 20 MP GigE Now Available
FLIR Blackfly® S 20 MP GigE Now Available
The new BFS-PGE-200S6 combines Sony’s 20 MP IMX183 sensor with a compact GigE camera. Running at 5.5 FPS, this 1“ device is built using Sony’s back-illuminated Exmor R technology, giving it excellent low-light performance. The IMX183 is FLIR’s highest resolution sensor to date, and is targeted at users conducting LCD panel and PCB inspection.

Specifications: Color, Mono
European Customers: Color, Mono

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10 GigE Technology Update

10 GigE Technology Update

10GigE Tested for Consumer Market
UK broadband operator Hyperoptic is testing whether 10 Gigabit home broadband can support increased consumer demand for faster internet connection speeds. If Hyperoptic's tests prove successful, the UK will follow in Singapore's footsteps using 10 Gigabit technology to serve consumers.
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