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Insights January 2016

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January, 2016   
New 3.2 and 5 MP Low Cost Cameras
Featuring Sony Pregius IMX265 and IMX264
Chameleon3 USB Vision Cameras
Keeping an Eye on Traffic
Also in this issue: Best Sellers of 2015
Product updates - Coming Soon
Chameleon3 3.2 MP Color USB3 Vision (Sony IMX265) Blackfly 3.2 MP Color GigE PoE (Sony IMX265)
Chameleon3 5.0 MP Color USB3 Vision (Sony IMX264) Blackfly 5.0 MP Color GigE PoE (Sony IMX264)
Low-Cost 3.2 and 5 MP Models Featuring the Latest Sony Pregius IMX264/265

Point Grey is expanding the Chameleon3 and Blackfly line-up with the latest Sony Pregius CMOS sensor technology. The IMX264 and IMX265 offer the same impressive imaging performance as the higher-speed IMX250 and IMX252, but at much lower cost, and set a new benchmark for global shutter CMOS by reducing pixel size and lowering temporal dark noise.

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Case Study
Keeping an eye on traffic with Blackfly GigE Cameras
Keeping an Eye on Traffic with Blackfly GigE Cameras

Lector Vision’s new highly versatile Traffic Eye ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system can be rapidly tailored to identify license plates in any country in the world. Traffic Eye illuminates scenes using pulsed infrared light and two Blackfly GigE IMX249 cameras to capture monochrome images of vehicles as well as color images of the overall traffic scene.

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Corporate Updates
Best Sellers of 2015
Point Grey's Best Selling USB 3.0, GigE Cameras and Lenses

Which Point Grey camera models were the top sellers and, more importantly, why? Check out our 2015 Best Sellers list in the categories mono and color GigE and USB3 Vision cameras, as well as CS-and C-mount lenses.

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New KB Articles Blurred Vision

Maximum image size with USB3 host controller drivers

Maximum Image Size with USB3 Host Controller Drivers

Different color processing algorithms

Different Color Processing Algorithms

Creating Color Disparity Images from Mono Images Using Bumblebee2 and BumblebeeXB3 Cameras

Creating Color Disparity Images from Mono Images Using Bumblebee2 and BumblebeeXB3 Cameras

January 2016 Blurred Vision

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