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Insights October 2014

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October, 2014   
VISION 2014: Latest CCD and CMOS Sensor Technology VISION 2014: Latest CCD and CMOS Sensor Technology

Over 20 different USB3 Vision and GigE Vision camera models will be featuring the latest CCD and CMOS technology, ranging from VGA to 12 MP. Highlights will include the brand new Chameleon3 board-level camera; the IMX249, a 2.3 MP Sony Exmor global shutter CMOS sensor for $495/EUR379; the ICX825, the next generation of the Sony ICX285 featuring a 1.4 MP an EXview HAD CCD II; the ICX834, a 12 MP Sony EXview HAD II and many more

Industrial Vision Days Presentation: How to select the right camera based on EMVA 1288 specs Industrial Vision Days Presentation: How to select the right camera based on EMVA 1288 specs

Join Vladimir Tucakov’s presentation at Industrial Vision Days entitled “How to select the right camera using the EVMVA 1288 imaging performance standard”. Vlad will compare the latest CCD and CMOS sensor technologies and explain why the different imaging performance measurements such as QE, saturation capacity, well depth etc. matter in specific machine vision applications. Presentation date/time: November 5th, 2014 at 1pm.
Shipping Now: Blackfly Camera Featuring Sony's ICX424 Shipping Now: Blackfly VGA Camera Featuring Sony's ICX424

The Blackfly BFLY-U3-03S2 features Sony’s ICX424, a VGA resolution 1/3” global shutter CCD. The ICX424 is based on 7.4 μm pixels and offers large saturation capacity and high dynamic range. This new USB3 Vision Blackfly model is list priced at $385 and is available to order.

Shipping Now: 1080p60 Cricket Featuring Sony's Xarina Imaging Platform Shipping Now: 1080p60 Cricket Featuring Excellent Low Light Sensitivity

The new 1080p60 Cricket CR-POE-20S3C model is based on the Sony IMX185 Exmor CMOS sensor offering impressive low light performance and wide dynamic range. Like all Cricket cameras, the new model uses Sony’s Xarina image processing platform, enabling multi-image WDR functionality, multi-streaming, noise reduction, video encoding and ONVIF support. This new Cricket model is available to order for only $349.
More Choice at VISION 2014: New Chameleon3 plus New Blackfly and Grasshopper3 Models Coming Soon: New Grasshopper3 GigE and USB3 Vision Models

5 MP Grasshopper3 GigE Vision with Sony’s ICX625 CCD
The Grasshopper3 GS3-PGE-50S5 features Sony’s ICX625, a 5 MP global shutter Super HAD CCD sensor. It utilizes a dual tap readout architecture running at 15 FPS. The GS3-PGE-50S5 provides existing Sony ICX625 or ICX655 users a transitional path to the latest high performance Grasshopper3 cameras available in both USB3 and GigE Vision.
Grasshopper3 Camera with Sony ICX694 Quad Tap at 25 FPS
The new 6.0 MP Grasshopper3 GS3-U3-60QS6 leverages Sony's ICX694 quad tap architecture and takes full advantage of the USB 3.0 bandwidth. This model offers both high resolution and fast frame rates while delivering excellent CCD image quality. At 25 FPS, the frame rate is nearly double compared to existing dual tap cameras.
Application Note: Sony Pregius (IMX174) CMOS Global Shutter Imaging Performance App Note: Using Point Grey USB3/USB2 Cameras with Cognex VisionPro

This new technical application note describes how to connect and stream from a Point Grey USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 camera with Cognex VisionPro software using the FlyCapture2 AIK package.
New KB Articles Upcoming Event
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Vision 2014

VISION - (Nov 4-6, 2014, Stuttgart, Germany) Point Grey will be exhibiting at VISION in Stuttgart, DE in booth#1B42.


FOXCONN Exhibition at OVC Expo- (Nov6-8, 2014, Wuhan, China) Point Grey will be attending FOXCONN with Luster Lighttech, our Chinese distributor in Wuhan, China.

ITE Yokohama

ITE Yokohama - (Dec 3-5, 2014 Yokohama, Japan) Point Grey will be attending ITE Yokohama with ViewPlus, our Japanese Distributor in Yokohama, Japan.


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