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Transitioning to FlyCapture

KB Number: 10266
Last Revision Date: 12/2/2015

This article helps developers migrate their PGRFlyCapture applications to the FlyCapture2 interface.

With the release of version 2 of the FlyCapture SDK, users can program our cameras using a single cross-platform interface that supports both Microsoft Windows and Linux Ubuntu operating systems. Other key features include support for GigE and USB3 cameras, new IIDC 1.32 features, and a simplified object-oriented interface aimed to produce a cleaner, more robust code base for developers. For information about PGRFlyCapture functions that are not supported in FlyCapture2, refer to the topic Backward Compatibility with FlyCapture 1.x in the FlyCapture2 SDK Help.

There are no plans for any future PGRFlyCapture releases. New features will be added to FlyCapture2 releases exclusively. We encourage PGRFlyCapture users to upgrade their applications to the FlyCapture2 class libraries. To assist in this transition, all of the sample applications provided with the PGRFlyCapture SDK have been re-written to show parallel functionality using the FlyCapture2 API.

This table shows a side-by-side comparison of the primary library calls in the PGRFlyCapture example programPGRFlyCaptureTest, and its corresponding example in FlyCapture2, FlyCapture2Test.

FlyCaptureTest Task PGRFlyCapture Library Call FlyCapture2 Library Call
Create a camera context. flycaptureCreateContext() Construct a Camera() object and
invoke Connect() against it.
Initialize the camera. flycaptureInitialize()
Retrieve basic camera information. flycaptureGetCameraInfo() GetCameraInfo()
Start the camera and begin streaming
images to image buffers.
flycaptureStart() StartCapture()
Create an image variable containing
image data and metadata.
Construct FlyCaptureImage Construct an Image() object
Grab images from the image buffer. flycaptureGrabImage2() RetrieveBuffer()
Convert the last grabbed image to a
format for display, such as BGRU.
flycaptureConvertImage() Convert()
Save the image in a specified format. flycaptureSaveImage() Save()
Stop the camera. flycaptureStop() StopCapture()
Destroy the camera context. flycaptureDestroyContext() Disconnect()

Example programs can also be accessed either from the Windows Start Menu (All Programs > Point Grey Research Inc. > PGR FlyCapture or FlyCapture2 > Examples)  or in the \src folder of the Point Grey FlyCapture or FlyCapture2 installation directory.

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