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What's New In Support July 2015

FlyCapture® SDK 2.8 Release 1

FlyCapture SDK  2.8 Release 1 is now available for download. Changes include:
- Enable streaming of 4MB+ images on USB 2.0 host controllers
- GigE and USB 3.0 multi camera setup improvements in Linux
A complete list of release notes are available here.

New Technical Application Note - Troubleshooting Image Consistency Errors

Point Grey's FlyCapture2 provides events statistics, notifying users of image consistency errors when it occurs. Image consistency errors refer to a range of messages sent by the driver when an image is missing packets or when the camera is otherwise unsuccessful at transmitting image data to the CPU. This application note describes the most common causes of image consistency errors and suggests ways to improve and correct them.

New Technical Application Note - Getting Started with MATLAB

This application note provides information on how to install, configure, and use Point Grey imaging cameras with MATLAB. This will enable users to use MATLAB to capture images from the camera directly and utilize MATLAB toolkits to process images.

New Knowledge Base Article - Remotely Power Cycle a Point Grey USB 3.0 Camera

This article describes how to remotely reset, or power cycle, a Point Grey USB 3.0 camera using a Point Grey provided utility. This mechanism enables users to reset cameras that are not physically accessible and return the camera to a known operating condition. Click on this link to view the article.

Updated Product Change Notifications

Point Grey endeavors to provide the highest quality service to our customers. As part of this commitment we are providing advanced notice of upcoming product changes. Customers interested in evaluating product changes should contact

PCN2014013A - FL3-U3-32S2 Firmware Support  - download PCN

PCN2015008A - USB3 Connector Improvement - download PCN