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Get support by phone or email, download the latest software and drivers, and search our knowledge base for solutions and information on common topics. Need help choosing a camera? Visit our "Getting Started with Point Grey" page for help!  
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What's New In Support September 2015

New Technical Application Note - Using a Point Grey USB3 Vision Camera with MvTec Halcon in OS X

This technical application note provides information on how to set up, configure and stream Point Grey’s USB3 Vision cameras with MVTec HALCON using OS X. Halcon enables users to take advantage of built-in image processing libraries and quickly develop a machine vision application on OS X.

New Software Releases

Point Grey strongly recommends reading the product release notes (where applicable) before installing. For these and other software, firmware, and documents, visit our downloads site.

Triclops 3.4 Alpha 8 SDK - read release notes

New Product Change Notifications

Point Grey endeavors to provide the highest quality service to our customers. As part of this commitment we are providing advanced notice of upcoming product changes. Customers interested in evaluating product changes should contact

PCN2015013A - ACC-01-1201 change - download PCN

PCN2015011A - FL2G-50S5 Firmware Support  - download PCN

PCN2015010A - FL2G-13S2 Firmware Support - download PCN