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Wearable glasses enable surgeons to visualize cancerous cells

Confocal Microscopy with Point Grey's Flea3 USB 3.0


A wearable technology developed by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine may help surgeons to visualize cancer cells, which will help to ensure that no stray tumor cells are left behind during surgical procedures.

In the current surgery standard, surgeons remove tumors and neighboring tissues that may or may not include cancer cells, and these samples are sent to a pathology lab and viewed under a microscope. If cancer cells are found in the neighboring tissue, follow-up surgeries are often required.

The new glasses—developed by a team led by Samuel Achilefu, Phd, professor of radiology and of biomedical engineering—feature...

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Reprinted with permission from the Vision Systems Design article,
"Wearable glasses enable surgeons to visualize cancerous cells", (02/2014).

For more Information:

SPIE DIGITAL LIBRARY: Dynamic optical projection of acquired luminescence for aiding oncologic surgery

WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Press Release: Special glasses help surgeons ‘see’ cancer?????????

High-tech glasses developed at the School of Medicine help breast surgeon Julie Margenthaler, MD, visualize cancer cells in a patient on Feb. 10. Here is real-time video of the lymph node removal, as seen by Margenthaler as she wore the eyewear. A florescent marker injected into the patient and special lighting made cancer cells glow blue when viewed with the technology. The lighter the shade of blue, the more concentrated the cancer cells are.