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FlyCapture SDK

Interface logos and OS logosThe FlyCapture Software Development Kit (SDK) that comes free with every Point Grey camera provides a common software interface to control and acquire images from Point Grey USB 3.0, GigE, FireWire, and USB 2.0 cameras using the same API under 32- or 64-bit Windows or Linux. FlyCapture supports ActiveX and DirectShow interfaces, and includes the FirePRO low-level 1394b interface driver, enhanced USB 3.0 interface driver, and the GigE image filter driver. A complete software API library, ready-to-use demo programs, and comprehensive source code examples enable users to easily build custom imaging applications. 

Flycapture SDK Software

 Other key features include: 

  • Proprietary USB 3.0 and FireWire driver stacks for robust diagnostics and, with complete end-to-end control, faster issue resolution

  • GigE image filter driver for reduced latency and dropped frames, and maximized bandwidth

  • Supports new IIDC 1.32 features such as frame buffering & lookup table

  • OpenGL and Direct 2D support for better display performance and CPU usage

  • Managed interface to decrease development time

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  • Simple (API) - only 3 function calls required to grab an image

  • Example programs and source code

  • MultiSync FireWire camera synchronization utility





• WINDOWS® 32/64-bit XP, 7, 8
• LINUX® Ubuntu® 32/64-bit ARMv7




The SDK provides the same programming interface across USB 3.0, USB 2.0, GigE and FireWire products.




• C, C++, C#
• Visual Basic .NET
• ActiveX • DirectShow

Visit our Software Downloads to get the latest version of the FlyCapture SDK.[Download FlyCapture EULA PDF]

Download FlyCapture Software

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(Note: for the latest version of FlyCapture Help please download the FlyCapture SDK)