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Support: Case Studies

This section describes 3rd party applications using Point Grey's products as solutions to their vision needs.

Point Grey Case Studies

Case Studies
3/21/2014 Confocal Microscopy with Flea3 USB3 Vision Cost-Effective Confocal Microscopy - Flea3 USB 3.0 CMOS Rolling Shutter
11/21/2013 Affordable Eye Tracking with Firefly MV USB 2.0 Camera Affordable Eye Tracking using the Firefly MV USB 2.0
10/24/2013 Wind tunnel testing with Zebra2 Better Flights Through Wind-Tunnel Testing
9/1/2013 Vision Jar Inspection Vision Automates Jar Inspection
7/29/2013 Wide Area Monitoring Imagery with Point Grey USB3 vision cameras Wide Area Motion Imagery Made Affordable and Easier To Use
4/23/2013 Granule and powder inspection with Flea3 GigE camera Granule and Powder Inspection with Flea3 GigE cameras
3/22/2013 Vision Based Vehicle Bumblebee XB3 Vision Based Autonomous Vehicle for High-Vegetated, Off-Road Terrain
2/27/2013 Magnetic cell sorting with grasshopper camera High-Speed Magnetic Cell Sorting with Grasshopper Camera
1/29/2013 Aerial Hyperspectral Imaging with Flea2 Diverse And Unexpected Ways To Use Ladybug Cameras
10/24/2012 Aerial Hyperspectral Imaging with Flea2 Aerial Hyperspectral Imaging Using Flea2 Cameras
8/30/2012 Vision Based Blood Test using Firefly MV Vision-based blood test system gives accurate results in 15 minutes
7/23/2012 3D Dental Scanner with FireflyMV Self-Rotating, Dental, 3-D Scanner
6/26/2012 Cherry Inspection using FireWire Grasshopper Cherry Picking Vision
5/28/2012 Note-Taker for limited vision students Enabling Students with Limited Vision to Take Notes in Class
4/20/2012 3D3 White light 3D scanning system Complete off the shelf 3D system
3/21/2012 Point Grey's grasshopper in USDOT Reader - ITS application USDOT Recognition System Helps Keep America’s Roads Safe
2/21/2012 Point Grey's Flea2 in Gelsight image system Portable Submicron 3-D Imaging System using Flea2
1/24/2012 Point Grey's Chameleon in UAV Outback Challenge UAV Outback Challenge
9/26/2011 Point Grey's Flea3 used in winning Astronomy photos Flea3 Rules the Skies
6/20/2011 Point Grey's Flea2 help Jetty clean air ducts Vision guides robot to clean air ducts using a Flea2 FireWire camera
5/20/2011 Point Grey's Firefly MV mimics human eye Firefly MV Camera Mimics the Human Eye
3/18/2011 Incredible images of the Sun using Point Grey's FireWire CCD camera Point Grey FireWire camera captures amazing photos of the Sun
1/20/2011 Perfect Book Perfect Book
12/1/2010 Beer Key Inspection with Point Grey's Flea CCD camera Quality Kegs
10/1/2010 Brain Research with Flea2 Digital CCD Camera Sweet Success
8/17/2010 Long-Range Rover Autonomy with Bumblebee XB3 Long-Range Rover Autonomy with Bumblebee XB3
6/18/2010 Brain Research Researching the Brain
5/15/2010 Simplifying Automotive Assembly Simplifying Automotive Assembly
5/1/2010 snackbot sketches More than a Machine
4/24/2010 Recreating Epic Roman Battles Recreating Epic Roman Battles
3/24/2010 Vancouver Multi-touch Venues Firefly MV's Featured at Vancouver Multi-Touch Venues
1/27/2010 The Autonomous Vehicle Autonomous Vehicle Uses Dragonfly2 and Firefly MV Cameras for Vision
11/2/2009 Vision-Guided Surgery with the Bumblebee Vision-Guided Surgery using the Bumblebee2
10/27/2009 Rotating Human Models Grasshopper in imaging system models rotating humans
9/24/2009 Exploring Mars Dragonfly2 helps Team UCLA explore Mars in Utah
8/25/2009 Virtual mirror Virtual Mirror Uses Flea2 Camera in Digital Changing Room
8/24/2009 Jupiter Impact Dragonfly2 Captures Images of Jupiter Impact
7/20/2009 Case Pack Inspection Vision System Uses Flea2 Camera for Case Pack Inspection
5/14/2009 3D foot scanner 3D Imaging System Measures Foot: Firefly MV Application Story
4/1/2009 Real-Time Immersive Experiences Real-Time Immersive Experiences for AR and VR Applications: Firefly MV Application Story

The Flea3 USB 3.0 camera from 1.3 to 8.8 MP and from 21 to 150 FPS

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