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Point Grey's Vlad Tucakov announces the arrival of USB 3.0 cameras and peripherals to the machine vision industry.


An overview of the Point Grey cameras at Vision 2011. Point Grey's product line-up of ten live demos, including existing and new technology products such as the Flea3 USB 3.0, GigE and FireWire product lines, attracted a large audience.


A review of some of the cameras demonstrated at Siggraph 2011


Point Grey showcases the new line of Zebra2 prototype cameras. These high-end surveillance and traffic cameras offer unmatched image quality and functionality.


Vlad Tucakov, Director of Sales and Marketing at Point Grey, talks about the cameras on display at Automate 2011


Overview of the demos displayed at Vision 2010 by Point Grey


A brief visual overview of some of the demos at Siggraph 2010


Point Grey Research at The Vision Show, Boston


Get an overview of all the new innovative products Point Grey is demonstrating at VISION 2009


Get a quick overview of our booth at Vision 2009


A quick look at Point Grey's USB 3.0 Camera demonstration at IDF 2009


A quick look at our Siggraph 2009 Demos


This video is a quick unboxing of the Flea3 USB 3.0 camera. Each camera includes a c-cs mount adaptor, tripod mount adaptor, and free FlyCapture SDK software.


Here is a side-by-side comparison of raw spherical video vs stabilized spherical video taken by the Ladybug3 360 Spherical camera.


Filming of Ten Tors Orchestra at St Germans Church. Shot with Ladybug 3 360 camera. sound recorded and mixed in 6.1 Doc filmed and edited by Patrick Bishop


Zeutschel GmbH in collaboration with Chromasens has developed the OS 12000 Bookscanner and the Perfect Book. The book scanner uses an area scan camera, a board-level Firefly MV IEEE 1394a camera by Point Grey.


The Autonomous Space Robotics Lab at the University of Toronto developed a technique to enable long-range autonomous navigation using a Bumblebee XB3 stereo camera as the only sensor.


4D Views Solutions, a 3D video technology specialist, used a 16 Grasshopper camera HD capture rig to create photorealistic 3D film compositing for the film production of "The Destiny of Rome".


To make the perfect fit for shoes during production, Elinvision (www.elinvision.com) has developed a 3-D foot scanner utilizing Point Grey's Firefly MV cameras.


Vision-based interactive surface using diffused illumination or FTIR and back projection. 91x57cm surface (107cm diagonal, 16:10 aspect ratio), Toshiba TDP‐EW25 projector (1280x800px), Point Grey Firefly MV camera (640x480px, 60fps) with wide-angle lense, Infrared illumination (850nm), Bosch Rexroth aluminium frame, Adopted version of touchlib


iotracker (www.iotracker.com), designs real-time 6-DOF motion tracking visualization systems. For image capture, iotracker uses Firefly MV IEEE 1394a digital camera from Point Grey Research.


Demonstration of a highly responsive head tracked vision system used for visual telepresence. Ladybug2/3 spherical camera.


The Lunar Electric Rover was on display outside NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C. A Ladybug3 was placed on top to provide 360 degree spherical images.


Team UCLA is testing their rover outside of Whispering Sands Motel. The rover uses Point Grey's Dragonfly2 camera.


This demo shows the use of Second Life as a platform for Augmented Reality. Svatars and other Second Life graphics can be superimposed perspectively correct on a live video stream and in real-time. A Firefly MV is used in the head mounted display.


Here is a quick instructional video on one method of connecting the Ladybug3 360 Spherical Camera to a car or vehicle. Suction cups, power converter, power bar, laptop tray and other components are sold separately. Please note Point Grey takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damages or loss that might happen when installing the camera to a vehicle.


Here is a quick instructional video on how to connect the tripod mount adapter to the Ladybug3 360 Spherical Camera by Point Grey. The tripod mount comes with every purchase of the Ladybug3.


Here is a quick instructional video on how to connect the desktop mount to the Ladybug3 360 Spherical Camera by Point Grey. The desktop mount comes with every purchase of the Ladybug3.


A very brief overview of how Point Grey Stereo Vision Cameras work. Bumblebee2 and Bumblebee XB3


A very brief overview of how the Point Grey Spherical Vision Camera "Ladybug3" works.


This is a demo showing Ladybug spherical photos and video being viewed on an iPad. Users can navigate the spherical images by touch or by tilting the iPad.


The Ladybug3 spherical digital video system, designed and manufactured by Point Grey, is a complete hardware and software package that delivers 12 Megapixels of high resolution 360-degree visual coverage.


The highly affordable Ladybug2 spherical digital video camera system, designed and manufactured by Point Grey, has six 0.8 MP cameras that enable the system to collect video from more than 75% of the full sphere, and an IEEE-1394b interface that allows streaming to disk at 30fps.


Demonstrating how 12 MP of high resolution 360-degree spherical video is captured from the Point Grey Research Ladybug3, stitched in real-time into panoramic video, and integrated using GPS data into Google Maps.