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June 2011

Watch video of duct cleaning robot with Flea2

Case Study

Click here to watch the "Jetty" robot cleaning
and inspecting ducts
Watch video of duct cleaning robot with Flea2

Vision-Guided Robot Uses a Flea2 Camera to Clean Air Ducts

A vision-guided belt robot, developed by Neovision and called Jetty, uses a Flea2 FireWire camera to clean and inspect air-conditioning ducting, kitchen or industrial air vents, and other spaces where cleaning is an unpleasant or difficult task. The primary cleaning agent used by the robot is dry ice, which removes difficult grease and dirt without the use of solvents. Read more...

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Product Updates

The new Ladybug SDK 1.6 Beta 3
New Ladybug SDK 1.6 Beta 3

Ladybug 1.6 Beta 3 SDK Released

The much-anticipated release of the Ladybug® 1.6 SDK Beta is now available for download on our website. This major release of the Ladybug SDK contains many new features, including dynamic stitching, independent exposure and HDR imaging, directional filter color processing, anti-aliasing, environment mapping and more.

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Event Updates

The Flea3 USB 3.0 was on display
at ISS 2011
Point Grey at ISS 2011

Smallest and Fastest Cameras Live at Japanese Exhibition

Our Japanese distributor (ViewPLUS Inc.) showcased several Point Grey products at Image Sensing Show (ISS) in Yokohama June 8-10. The show drew a highly focused crowd looking for the latest innovations in industrial image processing.

The live demos featured some of the world's smallest and fastest cameras, including the upcoming USB 3.0 Flea3, the all new GigE Flea3 measuring only 29 x 29 x 30 mm, the high-speed Camera Link Gazelle with CMOSIS sensors running up to 280 FPS, and the GigE Grasshopper2 featuring the high-speed 2MP Sony ICX274 CCD and the highly sensitive 5MP Sony ICX625 CCD.

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USB 3.0 tec updates page

USB 3.0 Technology Update

Launched last month, we are continuing to bring you the latest and greatest news about USB 3.0 technology and products. New to USB 3.0? Check out our online FAQ, or read more here about how USB 3.0 will impact the vision industry.

Bullet Cypress Introduces EZ-USB FX3 Controller
The upcoming Cypress EZ-USB FX3 USB 3.0 peripheral controller will enable a wide variety of USB 3.0-capable video and imaging devices to be quickly and easily brought to market.

Bullet AMD's next-generation Fusion A-Series ("Llano") Accelerated Processing Units (APUs)
AMD's next-generation Fusion A-Series ("Llano") Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) are the first certified SuperSpeed USB chipsets with integrated USB 3.0 support. Desktop and notebook computers equipped with these new chipsets will enable users to build high-performance and cost-effective imaging systems.

Bullet New Certified Host Controllers from ASMedia and Etron Spur Ecosystem Growth
Taiwanese manufacturers ASMedia and Etron join TI, Fresco Logic, and NEC as providers of SuperSpeed USB-certified host controllers. The addition of these host controllers, which provide low-level connectivity between USB 3.0 devices, will help speed USB 3.0 growth and provide end users with more product choices.

New Articles and Application Notes

Upcoming Events

Bullet KB Article: New GPIO power circuitry on Flea3 FL3-FW-14S3/20S4 cameras

Bullet KB Article: A Guide to transitioning from the Flea3 FireWire to the Flea3 GigE Camera

Bullet KB Article: Optimized modes for low light imaging in the Grasshopper2 FireWire camera

Bullet KB Article: Configuring an unsupported Camera Link frame grabber to run a Point Grey Camera Link device

Bullet KB Article: Sensor Quantum Efficiency (QE) Comparison Charts

Siggraph 2011 Vancouver

Siggraph 2011

Point Grey will be exhibiting at Siggraph in Vancouver, Canada from August 9 - 11, 2011.

Taipei Industrial Automation 2011

Taipei Automation Industrial Exhibition

Point Grey will be attending Taipei Automation Industrial Exhibition in Taipei City with Apo Star, our Taiwan distributor, from Aug 31- Sept 1, 2011.

ASIS 2011

ASIS International 2011

Point Grey will be exhibiting at ASIS International in Orlando, Florida from Sept 19-22, 2011.


Intergeo 2011

Point Grey will be exhibiting at Intergeo in Nuremberg, Germany from Sept 27-29, 2011.


New Articles and Additional Info

Article Suggestions

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The new Flea3 GigE camera by Point Grey
Upcoming Events / KB articles / App Notes Flea3 GigE Vision Camera Low Smear Trigger Mode for Grasshopper2 GigE USB 3.0 Technology Update