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 Choosing the Right Camera Using EMVA 1288 Data   

Here is Vladimir Tucakov's presentation at Industrial VISION days at VISION 2014 - "How To Select The Right Camera Using The EMVA 1288 Imaging Performance Standard". Using practical examples and relating them to EMVA1288 data, Vladimir Tucakov presents effective approaches in narrowing down your search for you next camera purchase.

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Download FLIR's Presenation PDF
Download the PDF version of this presenation here (2.3MB).

 FLIR at VISION - Day 3   

In this video we talk about the Grasshopper3 using Sony's ICX834 CCD, why camera frame buffer improves camera reliability, and the next generation Sony Pregius sensor.

 FLIR at VISION - Day 2   

In this video we talk about our Blackfly camera using Sony's IMX249 Global Shutter CMOS sensor. We compare Sony's new ICX825 CCD to the ICX285 CCD. We also give a short overview of our low noise imaging mode and finally, we introduce our new Chameleon3 USB3 Vision camera.

 FLIR at VISION - Day 1   

This is day 1 of VISION 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany. FLIR showcases their cost-effective Blackfly USB3 and GigE Vision camera line. We highlight models using Sony's ICX445, ICX414, ICX693 and ICX274. We also highlight our new camera using Sharp's 5MP Global Shutter CCD.

 FLIR at VISION - Day 0   

While the FLIR team puts the final touches on our booth, I talk a little about USB3 Vision and GIGE Vision standards and cameras.

 Don't Miss A Thing!   

Under the theme of “More Choice”, FLIR is showing live demonstrations of over 20 different USB3 Vision and GigE Vision camera models, featuring the latest CCD and CMOS sensor technology, ranging from VGA to 12 MP. Check back here daily for updated demo information and a summary of the highlights of the day.

 Get Caught Up Before VISION   

Get caught on some of FLIR's latest technology briefs before VISION.

  3 Flagship Camera Families: Your Choice!  
Chameleon3 USB3 Vision
UBS3 Vision
4 Models Demoing
Case / board level flexibility
with Sony's ICX445 CCD
See model list
Blackfly USB3 & GigE Vision
USB3 & GigE Vision
10 Models Demoing
Cost effective models
and Sony's new IMX249
Global Shutter CMOS
See model list
Blackfly USB3 & GigE Vision
USB3 & GigE Vision
6 Models Demoing
High resolution, low noise CCDs
and Sony's 12 MP ICX834 CCD
See model list
  Industrial VISION Days Presentation by Vladimir Tucakov   
Vladimir Tucakov

"How to select the right camera using the EMVA 1288
 imaging performance standard"

Comparing basic camera specifications such as frame rate, resolution and interface is easy. Comparing imaging performance of cameras is not. First, you need to understand what the various measurements really mean. What is quantum efficiency? How is read signal to noise ratio different from dynamic range? You have to navigate the naming conventions. What is the difference between saturation capacity and well depth? Then you need to determine if the method one camera manufacturer uses to measure their camera is the same as that of other manufacturers. Is quantum efficiency measured at the peak or at a specific wavelength? The EMVA1288 standard addresses all these questions.

Using practical examples and relating them to EMVA1288 data, Vladimir Tucakov will present effective approaches in narrowing down your search for you next camera purchase.

Wednesday, Nov 5th | 1:00 to 1:30 pm | Forum 1A75

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