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Point Grey endeavours to provide the highest level of technical support possible to our customers. In addition to our comprehensive knowledge base and on-line product documentation, our Technical Support Team is available to provide existing Point Grey customers with assistance.

Technical Support - July 2014 (View Archives)

New Cognex VisionPro, MVTec HALCON, NI-MAX and LabVIEW Application Notes

Point Grey has released new application notes on third party software including Cognex VisionPro, MVTec HALCON, NI-MAX and LabVIEW. The application notes will provide instructions on installing, configuring and using Point Grey USB 3.0, GigE or FireWire cameras.

Diagnosing and Fixing Connectivity Errors with Ladybug5

This application note describes the how to diagnose a poor connection in a Ladybug5 system. In addition, the application note provides cable and hub recommendations for how to improve connectivity.

For more information, please contact support@ptgrey.com.

New Downloads Now Available

Point Grey strongly recommends reading the product release notes (where applicable) before installing. For these and other software, firmware, and documents, visit our downloads site.

Grasshopper3 USB3 Vision Firmware v2.7.3.0 - read release notes here.

Triclops SDK 3.4 Release 5 - read release notes here.

Ladybug SDK 1.13 Release 4 - read release notes here.

Knowledge Base
Our on-line Knowledge Base contains answers to some of the most common support questions. It has information about all Point Grey products and was developed to help customers resolve product issues.

Newest Knowledge Base Articles

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Contact Support
Our Technical Support Team is available to provide existing Point Grey customers with assistance regarding the installation, troubleshooting, configuration, and customization of Point Grey cameras.

Point Grey Fly Capture
FlyCapture 2.6 Release 4 is available for download!
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