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Removing the IR filter from a color camera.
Article 215: Removing the IR filter from a color camera.

Some customers wish to remove the IR filter from their color cameras to allow for the detection of IR wavelengths.



There are three ways IR filters are placed in cameras:

  1. CS-mount with glue—the IR filter is glued directly to the lens holder (Dragonfly and Dragonfly2)
  2. M12 Micro lens—the IR filter is glued directly to the lens holder (board-level cameras)
  3. C/CS-mount with screws—the IR filter is held in place by a removable retainer that is screwed to the lens holder

To remove the IR filter:

For Dragonfly, Dragonfly2, and board-level cameras, where the IR filter is glued to the lens holder, the only way to remove the IR filter is to destroy it. It is recommended that you remove the lens holder completely from the camera before trying to remove the filter.

Important Note: There is also a pane of glass on the image sensor itself - removing it will destroy the sensor.

For all other cameras, users can remove the IR filter by removing the plate mounting screws, the retainer, and finally the IR filter. Please note that this will expose your camera’s image sensor and electronics.

To switch the IR filter:

If users wish to switch the IR filter on a Dragonfly or Dragonfly2, they can purchase a different lens holder (ACC-01-5002 or ACC-01-5003). The advantage to this is that you can then swap the two lens holders if you wish to go back to using an IR filter in the future. Contact sales@ptgrey.com for more information.

For board-level cameras (besides Dragonfly/Dragonfly2), users have the option of purchasing a different M12 micro lens holder (ACC-01-5000 or ACC-01-5001). Contact sales@ptgrey.com for more information.

For all other cameras, if users wish to switch the IR filter, the options are:

  • Purchase an M12 micro lens holder (ACC-01-5000 or ACC-01-5001).
  • Purchase a different camera.

Contact sales@ptgrey.com


  • In all cases, removing the IR filter voids the portion of the camera hardware warranty that covers the optical path, as described in your camera's Technical Reference Manual.
  • Removing the IR filter alters the optical path of the camera, and may result in problems obtaining proper focus with your lens.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact support@ptgrey.com.

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