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Article 153 - Recommended or required Windows Service Packs and Hotfixes.

Recommended or required Windows Service Packs and Hotfixes.


This article describes the Service Packs and Hotfixes that should be installed on PCs running Windows operating systems for optimal operation of Point Grey cameras and drivers.

Service Packs:
Windows 2000
We recommend the latest service pack, currently Service Pack 4. Get SP4.

Windows XP
We recommend the latest service pack, currently Service Pack 3, in conjunction with Point Grey's FirePRO driver. Although Service Packs 2 and 3 do not support full IEEE-1394 speeds (see Related Article 171 below), the Point Grey FirePRO driver can be used to achieve full 1394a or 1394b speeds. For more information about the advantages and disadvantages of using the FirePRO driver, refer to Knowledge Base Article 258 below. Get SP3.

Windows Vista
Although Windows Vista supports 1394a S400 speed, it does not support 1394b S800 speed. Users wishing to achieve full S800 speed on 1394b devices must use the Point Grey FirePRO driver.

Hotfix 330421
This Hotfix fixes a problem with single packet image transfer (i.e. a very small image) over the 1394 bus that causes a system crash. This crash can be reproduced by selecting a Format_7 custom (partial) image mode and specifying a small size such as 640x1. A system crash will result without the Hotfix. Get Hotfix 330421.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 840136
For Windows 2000 and Windows XP Service Pack 1 users, this Knowledge Base Article discusses how to enable partial image event notification, which is now available in PGR FlyCapture (versions 1.5 Alpha 9 and greater). This can be seen by unsyncronized images being received when using the image event notification functions available in FlyCapture. For image event notification to work, this Knowledge Base Article must be installed. It can be retrieved by phoning Microsoft support at 1-800-936-4900 and asking for Knowledge Base Article #840136. Windows 2000 users will need to request Hotfix 94672. Windows XP users will need to request Hotfix 94674. This Hotfix is also included in Windows XP Service Pack 2.

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