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Product Support: Tech Insights

Point Grey's Tech Insights provides you with technical information you can use to get the most out of your Point Grey products. Stay current on the latest knowledge base articles, software drivers, troubleshooting tips, and product features.

Tech Insights Archives

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December Flea3 USB 3.0 USB3 Vision Firmware v2.7 Released!
November Using Point Grey USB3 Vision Cameras with Third Party Software
October LadybugCapPro 1.9 Driver Compatibility
September LadybugCapPro 1.9 Release 6
August FlyCapture 2.5 Release 4
July Recommended USB 3.0 System Components
June FlyCapture 2.5 Release Candidate Now Avaliable
May Using Cognex with Point Grey GigE Vision Cameras
April FlyCapture SDK 2.5 Beta Released
March New FlyCap2 Viewer
February USB 3.0: Improvements over USB 2.0 / Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS Update
January Extending Distance of USB 3.0 Cameras up to 100m / Ladybug SDK 1.7

Point Grey Fly Capture
FlyCapture 2.7 Release 8 is available for download!

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