LADYBUG Software Development Kit (SDK) and Sample Images
Every Ladybug system includes feature-rich software to manage image acquisition, spherical and panoramic image production, and camera settings. The Ladybug SDK includes the LadybugCapPro program, source code for a quick start in the C/C++ programming environment, a camera device driver, and Application Programming Interface (API) software library. Go to our Downloads to download the latest versions of Ladybug SDK. Click here to learn more.
• Multiple color processing algorithms
• Stream images off the camera for viewing
• Control JPEG compression level
• Access stored image stream files
• Store and link data from NMEA GPS devices
• Image stabilization for smoother sequences
• Dynamic and Manual Stitching 
• Independent Exposure and HDR Imaging
• Anti-aliasing
• Environment Mapping Using OpenGL
• Auto exposure, gain, shutter, white balance, color correction, falloff correction,
frame rate, independent sensor control
• Unique post processing workflow   (Exclusive only to the Ladybug5) 
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Spherical Vision

FLIR makes spherical video a reality by providing affordable hardware and software packages that deliver high-resolution 360° visual coverage.  All three Ladybug systems perform the image acquisition, processing, stitching and correction necessary to integrate multiple camera images into full-resolution digital spherical and panoramic videos in real time. The quality and flexibility of spherical video data make the medium ideal for applications requiring synchronization of video images. This revolutionary technology is now used for a wide variety of applications and solutions. 




Rich Features
The Ladybug spherical systems provide 360° video streaming, cover 90% of the visual sphere, are pre-calibrated for ease of use, and perform the image acquisition, porcessing, stitching, and correction for full-resolution digital spherical and panoramic videos in real-time.

Time Saving, Image Enhancing Features 
Ladybug5’s unique post-processing workflow provides maximum dynamic range and user flexibility by moving the image processing from the camera to the host PC. Users are able to make decisions and experiment with settings post-recording and watch the effects in real-time; no need to re-record.

Geometric-Based Calibration and Accuracy
Rather than relying purely on mechanical calibration, the Ladybug systems use software to calibrate each camera on its own and in relation to each of the other five cameras. The system is able to know the vector associated with every pixel, in each camera, to one-hundredth of a degree accuracy. 


Ladybug5+ USB3 - Coming Soon
30 MP (5 MP x 6 sensors)
30 FPS at 30 MP; 60 FPS at 15 MP
197 mm (Ø), 160 mm (H)

Up to 60 FPS, CMOS Global Shutter, Post-Processing, Covers 90% Of Full Sphere

Ladybug5 USB3
30 MP (5 MP x 6 sensors)
10 FPS JPEG Compressed; 5 FPS Uncompressed
197 mm (Ø), 160 mm (H)

HDR, Post-Processing, Covers 90% Of Full Sphere

Ladybug3 1394b
12 MP (2 MP x 6 sensors)
6.5 FPS
122 mm x 141 mm

Water Resistant Case, Covers 80% Of Full Sphere

Ladybug2 1394b
4.8 MP (0.8 MP x 6 sensors)
15 FPS
110 mm x 100 mm x 141 mm

Highly Affordable, Fast, Covers 75% Of Full Sphere