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Which driver version works with which FlyCapture release?

KB Number: 10275
Last Revision Date: 9/23/2015

This article identifies which driver versions are compatible with which FlyCapture releases.

Your driver and FlyCapture release must be compatible to work effectively. Although we usually recommend using the latest driver and FlyCapture versions, we recognize that existing customers have system configurations that require remaining with older versions.

Using an older driver with newer software, or using a newer driver with older software may cause unpredictable results. It is possible to have multiple versions of FlyCapture installed on one computer. If these versions are not all compatible with the same driver, you will have to switch between multiple drivers.

Use either of the following methods to determine your camera’s driver information:

Contact support if you need to be able to configure FlyCapture1 and FlyCapture2 on the same computer. It is not recommended that you install portions of a new FlyCapture release onto an older installation. Having a mixed version may cause unpredictable results.

Driver Version Works with FlyCapture1
Works with FlyCapture2
Release and older and older and older to and newer to2.5.2.3
Or and newer to N/A and newer and newer N/A and newer

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