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Not sure which FLIR camera is the best choice for your application? Get started by browsing our application pages below to view application specific cameras and case studies. You can also use our Camera Selector Tool to filter and compare camera models.

Industrial Cameras

Browse cameras for industrial applications such as factory automation, electronics manufacturing, and food and packaging inspection.

Medical and Life Sciences

Browse cameras for scientific applications such as medical, microscopy, robotics, pharmaceutical, sports and motion.

ITS & Traffic

Browse cameras for traffic/ITS applications such as license plate recognition, tolling, speed control, and parking control.


Browse cameras for GIS applications such as land surveying, infrastructure management, mapping, and creating street views.


Browse cameras for applications such as planetary, lunar, solar, and deep sky astrophotographers.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Browse cameras for applications such as virtual reality and augmented reality

Prosumer & Entertainment

Browse cameras for applications such as broadcasting, interactive multimedia, and 3D video capture.

People Counting and Tracking

People counting and tracking - 3D stereo vision sensors designed specifically for retail analytics, airports, security and other brick and mortar operations.