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For stunning images, FLIR cameras are sought after by planetary, lunar, solar, and deep sky astrophotographers. Leveraging industrial camera technological advances in image quality, sensitivity, and speed, FLIR cameras allow for precise resolution and frame rate control. FLIR cameras are available in a range of popular Sony CMOS and CCD sensors housed in rugged, compact cases with unbeatable price points.

Unique Features:

  • Hardware ROI for higher frame rates (reduced bandwidth), the ability to be "focused" on the target, and savings in both disk space and processing time.
  • Support for 16 bit video important for DSO imaging, doing Photometry for Exoplanet transits and teasing subtle details such as clouds on Venus using UV bandpass filters.
  • Amongst the lightest cameras in the industry (37g - 104g)
  • Support for variable ROI and variable frame rates
  • Excellent low noise characteristics for DSO imaging (without cooling)
  • All FLIR FireWire, USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 cameras are powered by bus to reduce cable clutter without requiring an AC adapter.

Solar Astrophotography - Alan Friedman
Solar image by Alan Friedman

Standard software packages known to support FLIR Blackfly, Grasshopper3, and Chameleon3 cameras include FireCapture

Note: FLIR cameras can easily be mounted onto any telescope by purchasing a 3rd party C-mount to 1.25" mount adapter or C-mount to T-mount adapter. FLIR does not sell these adapters and they must be purchased through a 3rd party company. 

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Recommended Cameras  

Blackfly S
1.3 MP to 20 MP
18 FPS to 170 FPS
29 mm x 29 mm x 30 mm

Latest CMOS sensors, GenICam3 API

Blackfly USB 3.1, GigE
0.3 MP to 5.0 MP
7.5 FPS to 90 FPS
29 mm x 29 mm x 30 mm

All-in-One, Small, Uncompromising Value

Grasshopper3 USB 3.1, GigE
1.4 MP to 12.3 MP
7 FPS to 163 FPS
44 mm x 29 mm x 58 mm

Maximum Performance, Large Format Sensors

Chameleon3 USB 3.1
1.3 MP to 5.0 MP
13 FPS to 149 FPS
44 mm x 35 mm x 19.5 mm (case enclosed)

Flexible Integration, Multiple Form Factors

Flea3 USB 3.1, GigE, 1394b
0.3 MP to 12 MP
8 FPS to 150 FPS
29 mm x 29 mm x 30 mm

Powerful, Ultra-Compact, Flexible Sensor Range

Chameleon USB 2.0
1.3 MP
18 FPS
25.5 mm x 44 mm x 41 mm

Compact, Cost Effective, Sony CCD Sensitivity

Grasshopper Express 1394b
1.0 MP to 6.0 MP
11 FPS to 70 FPS
44 mm x 29 mm x 58 mm

Highly Sensitive CCD's, Sony EXview HAD CCD II

Grasshopper2 GigE, 1394b
1.4 MP to 5.0 MP
15 FPS to 30 FPS
44 mm x 29 mm x 58 mm

High Sensitivity, Low Noise Sony CCD Quality