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Choosing a lens can be challenging and there are a number of factors to consider. 
• For help with the calculations, please see Selecting a Lens for your Camera or refer to our Lens Calculator.
• To speak with one of our experts, please email or call us.  


  • Lenses
LENS-30F2-V80CS Fujinon YV2.8×2.8SA-2 2.8mm-8mm 1/3" CS Mount
80.00 USD
LENS-V80F2CS-DC Fujinon YV2.8x2.8SA-SA2 2.8mm-8mm 1/3" CS Mount (DC Iris)
90.00 USD
LENS-V130F3C Fujinon DV3.4x3.8SA-1 3.8mm-13mm 1/2" C Mount
110.00 USD
LENS-V130F3C-DC Fujinon DV3.4X3.8SA-SA1L 3.8mm-13mm 1/2" C Mount (DC Iris)
120.00 USD
ACC-01-4000 Boowon BW38BLF 4mm 1/3" S Mount (M12)
10.00 USD
ACC-01-4001 Boowon BW60BLF 6mm 1/3" S Mount (M12)
10.00 USD
LENS-15F3-60C Fujinon DF6HA-1B 6mm 1/2" C Mount
190.00 USD
ACC-01-4002 Boowon BW80H-1000 8mm 1/3" S Mount (M12)
10.00 USD
LENS-80T6C Tamron M111FM08 8mm 1.1" C Mount
945.00 USD
LENS-160T7C Tamron M111FM16 16mm 1.1" C Mount
920.00 USD
LENS-250T7C Tamron M111FM25 25mm 1.1" C Mount
895.00 USD
LENS-120T6C Tamron M112FM12 12mm 1/1.2" C Mount
395.00 USD
LENS-160T6C Tamron M112FM16 16mm 1/1.2" C Mount
395.00 USD
LENS-250T6C Tamron M112FM25 25mm 1/1.2" C Mount
395.00 USD
LENS-80T4C Tamron M118FM08 8mm 1/1.8" C Mount
210.00 USD
LENS-15F5-125C Fujinon HF12.5HA-1B 12.5mm 2/3" C Mount
170.00 USD
LENS-50F5-125C Fujinon HF12.5SA-1 12.5mm 2/3" C Mount
395.00 USD
LENS-125F6C Fujinon CF12.5HA-1 12.5mm 1" C Mount
395.00 USD
LENS-V500F2CS Fujinon YV3.3x15SA-2 15mm-50mm 1/3" CS Mount
140.00 USD
LENS-V500F2CS-DC Fujinon YV3.3x15SA-SA2 15mm-50mm 1/3" CS Mount (DC Iris)
150.00 USD
LENS-160T5C Tamron 23FM16SP 16mm 2/3" C Mount
245.00 USD
LENS-160T4C Tamron M118FM16 16mm 1/1.8" C Mount
180.00 USD
LENS-160E6C Edmund Optics 86-571 16mm 1" C Mount
875.00 USD
LENS-15F5-250C Fujinon HF25HA-1B 25mm 2/3" C Mount
170.00 USD
LENS-250T5C Tamron 23FM25SP 25mm 2/3" C Mount
245.00 USD
LENS-250F6C Fujinon CF25HA-1 25mm 1" C Mount
375.00 USD
LENS-30S6-250C Spacecom VF25095M 25mm 1" C Mount
590.00 USD