Quantcast Adding a Third Dimension to Parts Inspection: Flea2 Application Story
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Adding a Third Dimension to Parts Inspection: Flea2 Application Story

Flea2 cameras in 3D inspection system

Five Flea2 cameras integrated into 3D bottle inspection system

As the vision industry has matured with easier-to-use products, one thing remains the same: vision projects are inherently complex. The development and deployment of a vision system requires several key pieces, including experienced vision engineers and high quality system components (e.g. imaging hardware, vision software).

Machine Vision Consulting (MVC) is a premier supplier of machine vision solutions with over 120 clients, 15% of which are Fortune 500 companies, in industries that include electronics, semiconductor, automobile, packaging, manufacturing and pharmaceutical. As a machine vision integrator, they need to apply the right technology to meet their client's needs.

Flea2 images stitched

Images from multiple Flea2's stitched together by Circum-Spect

Every system that MVC develops and delivers requires at least one camera to perform the imaging tasks required for the vision application to work. One of MVC's core products, Circum-Spect, is an inspection product that verifies that the correct label or pre-printed container is present as it exits the labeler, filler, or lid applicator. The consequences of mislabeling a product containing allergens or medications can be serious, so manufacturers of canned goods or pharmaceuticals must be able to verify that pre-printed labels correctly match or are correctly applied to the container with matching contents.

Circum-Spect layout diagram

Five cameras view the circumference of a circular object

The Circum-Spect system uses up to five Point Grey cameras—typically Flea2's, Scorpion's or most recently, Grasshoppers—to view the circumference of a circular object such as a can or bottle. Built on Cognex OmniView vision technology, it can perform accurate 360° inspection in a single image, without rotating or reorienting the part or slowing down the manufacturing line.

Circum-Spect verification software

Circum-Spect software verifies the correct label is on the container

Images from multiple cameras are combined to produce a virtual 3D container. The system eliminates blur and distortion effects and compensates for rotation, tilt, uneven lighting and perspective distortion. Once the virtual image is created, MVC's unique label verification solution is applied.

"We chose Point Grey cameras for three main reasons: price, performance and capability," explains Jeffrey Dannay, a Principal with Machine Vision Consulting. "The systems we build typically require a number of features, such as fast frame rates, high resolution, external trigger capability, and high quality CCD image sensors, all at a reasonable price. In our experience, Point Grey cameras have addressed all of these needs."

Point Grey cameras, such as the Flea2 and Grasshopper, are fully compatible with a wide range of image acquisition and vision processing software packages, including Cognex VisionPro, MVTec™ HALCON, National Instruments LabVIEW, Matrox Imaging Library, and ActiveDcam from A&B Software. Aggressive pricing, industry standard mechanics, full IIDC DCAM v1.31 compliance, and industry leading technical support further make Point Grey cameras an ideal choice for OEMs and system integrators.