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Reprinted with permission from the Vision Systems Design article, "Sweet Success", featured in the October 2010 issue.

Winn Hardin, Contributing Editor

Ice Cream

A major US manufacturer of ice cream wanted to limit its liability and protect its customers from surprise allergic reactions caused by the wrong ice cream going into the wrong tub or closed with the wrong lid. The food producer turned to machine-vision integrator Machine Vision Consulting, which developed a label-checking system that would check both the label on the side of the squared off/round (or "sqround") shaped container and the label on the top of the container, and compare those findings to a recipe selected by the production line operator.

The solution, which is now a turnkey system sold under the name of SureLabel, is based on a pair of Point Grey Research Flea2 cameras, a Cognex 8501 frame grabber with 24-V I/O daughter card, Smart Vision Lights bar lights, and Cognex VisionPro image-processing software in a PC. The PC sends fail signals to a nearby Allen Bradley Micrologix programmable logic controller (PLC) that controls a reject mechanism.

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