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Cricket - IP Security Camera


 Cricket - IP Security Camera

The compact, cost-effective Cricket IP camera features high resolution Sony CMOS Exmor sensors for excellent low light performance and wide dynamic range.



Cricket supports multi-streaming and multi-casting, simultaneous support for both H.264 and MJPEG, 2D and 3D noise reduction, low power consumption, ONVIF-compliance, and Power over Ethernet. Designed and manufactured in Canada, Cricket can be purchased online directly from FLIR, one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial cameras. 


Low Light Performance

This video compares the image noise of the 1.3MP Cricket IP camera vs an industry leading 1.3 MP camera in full light, 0.5 lux and 0.1 lux. Thanks to Sony's EXMOR CMOS sensors, the Cricket camera's surperior performance becomes even more evident in low light environments.

Challenging Lighting Conditions

See how the Cricket camera auto adjusts and performs in dynamic lighting conditions - whether in high contrast indoor/outdoor lighting, multiple white balance changes or direct sunlight - all while mounted on a moving vehicle. High video compression (~500kb/s, H.264) was also enabled to further stress its performance.

Wide Dynamic Range

This video demonstrates the excellent Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) performance of the Cricket IP camera in changing lighting conditions. Wide Dynamic Range allows the camera to see better details in shadowy areas.



The Cricket® IP security cameras offer:

• Excellent low light performance with Sony Exmor CMOS sensors

• Wide Dynamic Range for challenging lighting conditions

• Compact size, customized board-level options available

• Buy direct online from FLIR

  • IP Security
CR-POE-20S2C-CS Color 2.0 MP Sony IMX140 CMOS, 1/2.8" , 2.8 µm Rolling shutter 1920 x 1080 60 FPS
329.00 USD