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ITS & Traffic

By applying machine vision technology to solve ITS problems, providers reach the market faster and more cost-efficiently.  To address a wide variety of ITS applications, FLIR cameras come in a selection of digital interfaces, sensors, price points, and board-level or boxed.

Automated Tolling
In recent years, with the use of digital camera technology, new tolling practices have drastically increased the throughput and accuracy of toll charges. Cameras are used to capture images of fast moving vehicles for the purpose of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/ALPR). 

FLIR Cameras in automated tollbBooth
Automated toll booth
FLIR's triggering accuracy ensures consistent vehicle positioning in the field of view by synchronizing image capture with vehicle detection methods such as ground loops, radar, or laser devices. Our wide variety of global shutter CCD and CMOS sensors along with excellent low light sensitivity are just a few reasons why our cameras are specifically chosen for crisp, undistorted imaging of high-speed multi-lane traffic environments. 

Traffic Enforcement
The use of traffic cameras puts more eyes on the road with the aim of improving driving behaviour for safer roads. Digital camera technology can be used for vehicle identification, speed detection, and red light violations. FLIR cameras feature image compression ideally suited for efficient storage and image transfer across bandwidth limited interfaces. With ONVIF support, FLIR cameras can be integrated with popular traffic monitoring and security software.

FLIR ITS / Traffic camera in external Pelco case
FLIR camera in outdoor case


Recommended Cameras  


Blackfly S
0.4 MP to 20 MP
18 FPS to 522 FPS
29 mm x 29 mm x 30 mm

Latest CMOS sensors, GenICam3 API

Blackfly USB 3.1, GigE
0.3 MP to 5.0 MP
7.5 FPS to 90 FPS
29 mm x 29 mm x 30 mm

All-in-One, Small, Uncompromising Value

Grasshopper3 USB 3.1, GigE
1.4 MP to 12.3 MP
7 FPS to 163 FPS
44 mm x 29 mm x 58 mm

Maximum Performance, Large Format Sensors

Chameleon3 USB 3.1
1.3 MP to 5.0 MP
13 FPS to 149 FPS
44 mm x 35 mm x 19.5 mm (case enclosed)

Flexible Integration, Multiple Form Factors

Flea3 USB 3.1, GigE, 1394b
0.3 MP to 12 MP
8 FPS to 150 FPS
29 mm x 29 mm x 30 mm

Ultra-compact, Light, Feature Rich CCD and CMOS

Chameleon USB 2.0
1.3 MP
18 FPS
25.5 mm x 44 mm x 41 mm

Compact, Cost Effective, Sony CCD Sensitivity

Cricket - IP Security Camera
1.3 MP to 2.0 MP
60 FPS
88.1 mm x 44 mm x 32 mm

Superior Low Light Imaging Auto Iris Control

FireflyMV FireWire, USB 2.0
0.3 MP to 1.3 MP
23 FPS to 60 FPS
44 mm x 34 mm x 24.4 mm

Small, Affordable, Versatile CMOS

Grasshopper Express 1394b
1.0 MP to 6.0 MP
11 FPS to 70 FPS
44 mm x 29 mm x 58 mm

Highly Sensitive CCD's, Sony EXview HAD CCD II

Grasshopper2 GigE, 1394b
1.4 MP to 5.0 MP
15 FPS to 30 FPS
44 mm x 29 mm x 58 mm

High Sensitivity, Low Noise Sony CCD Quality

Zebra2 GigE & HDSDI
2.0 MP to 5.0 MP
10 FPS to 30 FPS
44 mm x 44 mm x 87.5 mm

IP + Machine Vision, MJPEG over GigE