Quantcast Ladybug5 for GIS Applications

Original Ladybug5 notice: The original Ladybug5 will be upgraded to the Ladybug5+ (Coming soon). Customers can still purchase the original LD5 camera until the LD5+ is available.

Included with Initial Ladybug5 Systems:
  • 1 meter USB 3 cable
  • 3 meter USB 3 cable w/ locking screws
  • 5 meter USB 3 cable w/ locking screws
  • USB 3 1-port hub with screw locks
  • Renesas µPD720202 USB 3 PCIe Card
  • 24V 2.5A (60W) power supply
  • 6 meter GPIO wiring harness
  • 4-Legged Desktop mount
  • LD5+ Tripod Adapter with 3/8-16 Mounting Hole

Ladybug5 USB 3

LAdybug5 USB 3.1 360 degree spherical camera


The Ladybug5 spherical imaging system boasts an impressive 30 MP resolution covering 90% of a full sphere; a 5 Gbit/s USB 3.1 interface; and a ground-breaking post-processing workflow that provides high dynamic range, superb image quality and maximum user flexibility. It is an excellent choice for applications in geographic information systems (GIS); vehicle-based photogrammetry; situational awareness; and entertainment solutions for lighting models, full dome projection content, and other immersive experiences.


  • The 30 MP resolution is achieved by using six 5 MP Sony ICX655 CCD global shutter sensors with Sony Super HAD Technology - allows users to achieve a higher level of detail in street signs, commerial and residential buildings, infrastructure, facial recognition and because it's global shutter, you'll never have to worry about image wobble.
  • Obtain amazing results by capturing true 12-bit images from six highly sensitive Sony CCD sensors. Our 12-bit uncompressed file format allows you to achieve higher dynamic range within the shadows and highlights giving you more flexibility during the post-processing stage.
  • The Ladybug5 moves image processing from the camera to the host PC. You control the outcome, maximizing dynamic range while maintaining flexibility. Adjust 12-bit images with white balance, gamma, smear correction, fall-off correction and other image processing functions. Make changes, go back, tweak some more - experiment with settings and watch the effects in real-time.
  • The USB 3.1 interface is what gives users the ability to capture 30 MP 12-bit images. It not only allows for greater bandwith from USB 2.0, FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet but it also simplifies set up and reduces costs.
  • Every Ladybug system includes a Software Development Kit (SDK). The Ladybug SDK includes the LadybugCapPro program, source code for a quick start in C/C++ , a camera device driver, and Application Programming Interface (API) software library.
  • Every Ladybug5 camera includes:
    USB 3.1 PCIe Card
    5 meter USB 3.1 Cable with Screw Locks
    24V 2.5A (60W) power supply
    6 meter GPIO wiring harness
    4-Legged Desktop mount
    Ladybug5 Tripod Adapter
  • The LadybugCapPRO and the Ladybug API library have the ability to interface with a GPS device and insert NMEA sentence data into Ladybug images. The data can then be extracted at a later time and be used to generate HTML data, which can be displayed as a Google Map, or KML data, which can be loaded into Google Earth. The NMEA sentences supported are: GPGGA, GPGSA, GPGSV, GPRMC, GPZDA, GPVTG, GPGLL.
  • Effective stitching of the images produced by the camera's six sensors is achieved through accurate calibration of each sensor and lens. This calibration also enables photogrammetric analysis of image data allowing users to accurately interpret a pixel location in a particular image to a 3D ray (LiDAR) in the Ladybug Coordinate System.
  • FLIR Research's Spherical Vision camera systems are provided as complete hardware and software packages. All Ladybug camera systems are pre-calibrated and come complete with a hardware development kit and software development kit.


  • USB 3.1 Gen 1
LD5-U3-51S5C-44B Color 30 MP (5 MP x 6 sensors) Sony ICX655 CCD, 2/3", 3.45 µm Global shutter 2048 x 2448 10 FPS JPEG Compressed; 5 FPS Uncompressed
LD5-U3-51S5C-44R Color 30 MP (5 MP x 6 sensors) Sony ICX655 CCD, 2/3", 3.45 µm Global shutter 2048 x 2448 10 FPS JPEG Compressed; 5 FPS Uncompressed