The award winning Oryx 10GigE camera family allows systems designers to take advantage of the latest sensors by supporting transfer speeds up to 10Gbit/s enabling the capture of 4K resolution, 12-bit images at over 60FPS. Oryx’s 10GBASE-T interface is a proven and widely deployed standard that provides reliable image transfer at cable lengths over 50 meters on inexpensive CAT6A, or greater than 30 m on CAT5e. The 10GBASE-T standard is supported by a robust consumer ecosystem. On-camera features including IEEE1588 clock synchronization and full compatibility with popular third-party software supporting GigE Vision, gives system designers the tools to quickly develop innovative solutions.

High Speed 10GigE Interface

  • 10Gbit/s transfer speed supports 4K60 (12-bit)
  • Low latency image transfer minimizes cycle times
  • Cable lengths over 50 meters on inexpensive CAT6A cables, and 30+ meters on CAT5e
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Reliability & Simplicity

  • Large 10GBASE-T install base supports a favorable consumer ecosystem
  • Full GigE Vision compatibility enables developers to use familiar and widely available hardware and tools
  • Packet resend function for reliable image transmission

Flexibility for Integrators

  • IEEE1588 Clock Synchronization for precise timing across multiple devices - learn more
  • High density GPIO for flexible trigger and auxiliary functions
  • Color Correction Matrix, Gamma, Saturation and Sharpness reduce host-side processing requirements

Ideal for:

Automated Optical Inspection

Reduce cycle times with high frame rates and low latency image transfer.

Broadcast & VR

Capture 4K60 video with high-quality Sony Pregius global shutter sensors. 

Sports Automation & Motion Tracking

Global shutter sensors, high speed image capture, and clock synchronization ensure accurate tracking with multi-camera systems. 

Large Volume 3D Scanning

High resolution sensors, clock synchronization, and long maximum cable lengths simplify the design of large multi-camera systems.


High bandwidth interface supports the latest global shutter CMOS sensors at full speed for high frame rate, high resolution and high dynamic range image capture.

  • 10 GigE
ORX-10G-123S6C-C Color 12.3 MP Sony IMX253 CMOS, 1.1", 3.45 µm Global shutter 4096 x 3000 68 FPS
3950.00 USD
ORX-10G-123S6M-C Mono 12.3 MP Sony IMX253 CMOS, 1.1", 3.45 µm Global shutter 4096 x 3000 68 FPS
3950.00 USD