Quantcast Ladybug5+ Source Files
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Ladybug5+ Sample Source Files

Download Ladybug sample sources files and images to get a deeper understanding of our 360° image workflow. You'll be able to inspect image quality, make image & color processing adjustments and export to various video and image file types.

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GIS Source Files

Bond St. | 8 bits
Download: ZIP (PGR) 2.00 GB or MP4 (45 mbps) 256 MB

Bond St. | 12 bits
Download: ZIP (PGR & XML) 2.05 GB or MP4 (45 mbps) 279 MB

Hay barn wide dynamic range
Download: ZIP (PGR & XML) 2.05 GB

Parking garage
Download: ZIP (PGR & XML) 2.00 GB

Download: ZIP (PGR & XML) 2.05 GB

Note: Click on the image to download full resolution 8kx4k jpeg

VR360 Source Files

Timberline Lodge
Download: MP4 (25 mbps) 540 MB

Dirty Daddies Music Band
Download: MP4 3.2 GB, MP4 163 MB

Oregon State Lacrosse
Download: MP4 94 MB

Night Drive in LA
Download: MP4 166 MB

Race car, Assen TT, 60 FPS
Download: MP4 216 MB

Note: Click on the image to download full resolution 8kx4k jpeg

More Ladybug Resources

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Synchronizing Ladybug5 Cameras
Technical Application Note TAN2013009

Using PPS to Synchronize with GPS
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Best Practices for Ladybug5
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Application Videos:

 - LiDar Point Cloud Mapping

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