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High-resolution Dragonfly Camera Announced at Vision Show East


October 30, 2001 - “Since its announcement, the Dragonfly camera has been a great success. With the high-resolution version of the camera we hope to satisfy needs of everyone on our rapidly increasing customer list,” says PGR’s Vladimir Tucakov. “We have been particularly pleased with customer response to the image quality and the advanced features of the camera.”

The Dragonfly is network-capable and extremely flexible. Up to 8 Dragonfly cameras can be broadcasting on the same IEEE-1394 bus at the same time. The cameras on the same bus automatically synchronize (within 10ìs!) without any additional wiring or setup, allowing simultaneous acquisition. Further, the acquisition time of the cameras can be synchronized to outside events using Dragonfly’s external trigger feature. Due to Dragonfly’s precision electronics, the camera can deliver 10-bit images for users who require high dynamic range for their applications. Other camera features include extended shutter times (up to several seconds), CCD trigger output for flash applications and an optional 6’’ CCD extension kit.

The Dragonfly is provided with a free software development that allows custom application development. The camera device driver allows fast DMA image acquisition. Included is also a program that allows in-field firmware upgrading, making the camera’s feature list virtually unlimited.

The Dragonfly development kits come as a complete system with an IEEE-1394 interface card, 4.5m cable, 3 micro lenses, a CS lens mount, tripod mounting bracket, Windows 98SE and 2000 device driver and the software development kit. The high-resolution Dragonfly development kits are available for $995.

Point Grey Research is a worldwide leader in the development of advanced digital camera technology products. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, PGR designs, manufactures and distributes IEEE-1394 cameras, stereo vision cameras and spherical digital video cameras to a broad spectrum of industries. Through a close working relationship with its customers, PGR continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

For further information on Point Grey Research and its products, contact Vladimir Tucakov at tucakov@ptgrey.com or by phone at 604-730-9937. For media enquiries contact Ana Dimapilis at ana@ptgrey.com.


Boston, Massachusetts, USA