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Point Grey Research Launches the Flea2

May 9, 2006 - ”The Flea2 is designed using industry standard mechanics and offers more functionality at a more affordable price than the original Flea. OEMs will find it very easy to integrate this new camera,” commented Vlad Tucakov, Director at Point Grey Research. At 29x29x30mm, the Flea2 is smaller than the Flea, and at 80 FPS in VGA quality, the Flea2 is faster than the original.

The additional bandwidth capacity of the 1394b interface enables full frame rate color image transmission and more Flea2 cameras networking on the same bus. According to Tucakov: "Our customers wanted a more robust camera so we responded by incorporating an IEEE-1394b cable with jack screws guaranteeing a connection to the Flea2 at all times. This is vital for any high-speed imaging application."

Based on 1/3 inch CCD sensors, the Flea2 delivers high quality 640 x 480 images at up to 80 FPS and 1024x768 at 30 FPS. Features include on-camera color processing, auto-sync between multiple Flea2 cameras, external trigger and strobe output, 2x2 binning for even faster frame rates and/or greater sensitivity and in field firmware upgrades. All Point Grey Research Imaging Products also include the FlyCapture® SDK for image acquisition and camera control.

The Flea2 will be available in monochrome and color models in July 2006.

About Point Grey Research, Inc.

Point Grey Research® is a worldwide leader in the development of advanced digital camera technology products. With a number of local distributors throughout the world, PGR designs, manufactures and distributes IEEE-1394 cameras, stereo vision cameras and spherical digital video cameras to a broad spectrum of industries. Through a close working relationship with its customers, Point Grey Research continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

For further information or to obtain high-resolution JPEG images, please contact:

Ana Dimapilis
Point Grey Research Inc.
Tel (604) 730-9937

Boston, MA, USA