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Point Grey Research Unveils the Bumblebee® XB3

May 15, 2007 - The Bumblebee XB3 camera incorporates three Sony® 1/3” progressive scan CCDs, with 12 and 24cm baselines for stereo processing. Its extended baseline and high resolution delivers enhanced long-range precision, while the narrow baseline enables close-range matching. This unique combination provides an adaptable stereo camera suitable for a wide range of applications and research, such as autonomous vehicle guidance, people tracking, entertainment and more.

"We received numerous requests from customers developing mobile robot applications, for a longer baseline stereo solution," said Don Murray, Director, Point Grey Research. "We designed the XB3 so that it will not only address the long-baseline requirement, but also preserve the 12cm baseline used in existing applications."

The Bumblebee XB3 camera offers 1280x960 images at 16 FPS and transmits images to the host PC via an IEEE-1394b interface. It delivers full field-of-view depth measurements from a single image set and is pre-calibrated for lens distortion and camera misalignments. The system includes the Triclops™ Stereo SDK for the development of stereo based applications, and the FlyCapture® SDK, which enables users to control camera settings and acquire images in real time.

The following models are available now from Point Grey Research and its network of distributors:

- BBX3-13S2C-38 (1280x960 color 3.8mm CCD)
- BBX3-13S2C-60 (1280x960 color 6mm CCD)
- BBX3-13S2M-38 (1280x960 B/W 3.8mm CCD)
- BBX3-13S2M-60 (1280x960 B/W 6mm CCD)

About Point Grey Research, Inc.
Point Grey Research® is a worldwide leader in the development of advanced digital camera systems. With a network of distributors throughout the world, Point Grey Research designs, manufactures and distributes IEEE-1394 cameras, stereo vision cameras and spherical digital video cameras to a broad spectrum of industries. Through a close working relationship with its customers, Point Grey Research continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

For more information, please contact:
Michael Gibbons
Point Grey Research
+ 1 604 730 9937 ext 261

Vancouver, Canada