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Point Grey Research Launches World's First Low Profile Dual Bus 1394b PCI Express Card

May 28, 2008 - 
Users can choose between single or dual bus FirePRO 1394b PCI Express cards. The dual bus option incorporates two (2) LSI® PCIe 1394b PHY/link OHCI chips that allow simultaneous image acquisition from up to 16 FireWire cameras, and total data throughput of 160MB/s, using a single card. It effectively leverages the x1 PCIe serial link to increase throughput and minimize latency, and deep isochronous FIFO's on the host adapter minimize the possibility of data loss due to overflows. Each card is equipped with two (2) bilingual 1394b ports with locking screw connection, internal power connector, and both standard and low profile PCIe mounting brackets.

"Point Grey has achieved another industry first with the addition of a dual bus 1394b PCI Express card to our FirePRO component line," says Vladimir Tucakov, Director at Point Grey Research. "This card is ideal for multiple camera arrays or high data rate applications that require fast and reliable data transfers into the host system, and is an excellent solution where the number of PCIe slots is limited, or where a very large number of cameras must be supported off a single system. We have shown, for example, that it is possible to stream 320MB/s of image data from 32 Grasshopper 1394b cameras into just two FirePRO dual bus PCI Express cards, both of which are contained within a single small PC."

All FirePRO hubs, repeaters and host adapter cards are designed and manufactured by Point Grey Research at the company’s headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and are backed by an industry leading two (2) year warranty. Locking screw connectors and ports on all products not only guarantee a reliable connection through the entire 1394b network, but also reduce stress on internal electronics that can be caused by cable movement. All FirePRO products are fully compatible with IEEE-1394b and i.Link, and backward compatible with 1394a.

The following FirePRO products are available from Point Grey Research and its network of distributors:

  • FirePRO IEEE-1394b PCI Express Single Bus Card (FWB-PCIE-01)
  • FirePRO IEEE-1394b PCI Express Dual Bus Card (FWB-PCIE-02)
  • FirePRO 2-Port IEEE-1394b Repeater (FWB-HUB-2PORT)
  • FirePRO 3-Port IEEE-1394b Hub (FWB-HUB-3PORT)
  • FirePRO 5-Port IEEE-1394b Hub (FWB-HUB-5PORT)
  • FirePRO 4.5m High Flex IEEE-1394b Cable (ACC-01-2012)
  • FirePRO 10m IEEE-1394b Cable (ACC-01-2014)
  • FirePRO 4.5m IEEE-1394b Cable (ACC-01-2006)

About Point Grey Research, Inc.

Point Grey Research is a worldwide leader in the development of advanced digital camera technology products. With a network of distributors throughout the world, Point Grey Research designs, manufactures and distributes IEEE-1394 cameras, stereo vision cameras and spherical digital video cameras to a broad spectrum of industries. Through a close working relationship with its customers, Point Grey continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

For more information, product datasheets, photos or additional press material, please contact:

Renata Sprencz
Point Grey Research
+ 1 604 730 9937


email: info@ptgrey.com
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Vancouver, BC, CANADA