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Point Grey Launches New Firefly MV USB 2.0 Camera Model with 1.3 MP Sony CMOS Sensor

June 25, 2009 - The new FMVU-13S2C model is designed around the color version of the highly sensitive 1/3-inch Sony® IMX035 CMOS image sensor, which features a 1328 x 1048 square pixel array, high signal-to-noise ratio, superior color fidelity, rolling shutter, and no smear. The Firefly MV’s easy-to-use USB 2.0 digital interface, small size, and low price further make this new model an ideal choice for microscopy, bioscience, medical and visualization applications.

“The color quality, sensitivity, and performance of the Sony IMX035 make this a truly exceptional sensor,” says Vladimir Tucakov, Director of Sales and Marketing at Point Grey. “Integrating it into our Firefly MV allows us to bring a very unique product with unbeatable value to the market, and nicely complements existing models that use the wide-VGA Micron MT9V022 CMOS. By offering it with a USB 2.0 interface, we also address the needs of customers who want to simply plug the camera into a computer without connecting a separate interface card.”


The Firefly MV line now offers a total of 11 different combinations of image sensor, form factor and interface that are designed to address a wide variety of applications in industrial and non-industrial imaging. The camera’s high-speed USB 2.0 480 Mbits/s digital interface transfers both data and power and allows full 1328 x 1048 raw Bayer images to be acquired at 23 FPS, or VGA at 60 FPS using either of the sensor’s 2 x 2 pixel binning or region of interest modes.

The FMVU-13S2C is housed in a small and lightweight 44 x 24 x 34 mm plastic case, and is equipped with a CS-mount lens holder, removable IR cut filter, and a 7-pin general purpose I/O connector that can be used to synchronize the camera to external devices, such as an external trigger or light source. A board-level option, which measures just 40 x 25 mm, is available for qualified OEM’s.

Like all Point Grey cameras, the Firefly MV complies with the IIDC v1.31 specification. Existing Point Grey camera users will benefit from the seamless software integration that is available using the FlyCapture® Software Development Kit (SDK). The FlyCapture SDK is compatible with both FireWire and USB 2.0 cameras using the same API, and includes support for ActiveX, TWAIN and DirectShow.

The new FMVU-13S2C is list priced at just USD $325 ($245 in quantities of 10 or more) and is available now from Point Grey and its network of distributors.

About Point Grey Research Inc.

Point Grey Research, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development of advanced digital camera technology products for machine vision, industrial imaging, and computer vision applications. Based in Richmond, BC, Canada, Point Grey designs, manufactures and distributes IEEE-1394 (FireWire) and USB 2.0 cameras that are known for their excellent quality, performance, and ease of use. A broad range of hardware, software and mechanical engineering skills has allowed Point Grey to successfully bring many innovative and ground-breaking products to market. This drive for innovation has led to many industry firsts, including the first and smallest 1394b digital camera.

Since its founding in January of 1997, the company’s approach to product pricing, quality control, and customer service has attracted thousands of customers worldwide, and its organic growth through product sales has enabled the company to expand significantly without any outside investment. Point Grey currently employs more than 70 people worldwide, and has a wholly-owned German subsidiary that provides sales and support services to customers in Europe, Africa and Israel. The company also has a strong network of distributors in Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore.

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