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Point Grey Demonstrates New GigE and Camera Link Cameras at Vision 2009

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Innovation in Imaging sums up Point Grey's commitment to technology leadership and product excellence. Visitors can expect to see many of Point Grey's existing FireWire and USB 2.0 camera products running live, and can look forward to the introduction of several new Point Grey product families, image sensors, and digital interface offerings.

New High-Speed CMOS Sensors

The new Sony 6.2 megapixel IMX067 can output full resolution images at 60 FPS with exceptionally high color fidelity, and the recently announced CMOSIS 4 megapixel CMV4000 and 2 megapixel CMV2000 sensors feature high frame rates (170 FPS and 340 FPS, respectively), a low-noise global shutter, and 5.5 micron square pixels. All three sensors will be available in Point Grey’s new Gazelle™ series of Camera Link cameras.

New CCDs Offer Unbeatable Performance

The quad-tap Kodak KAI-01050 (1/2” 1 MP at 70 FPS) and KAI-02150 (2/3” 2.1 MP at 30 FPS) sensors will be introduced in the new Grasshopper Express™. The Grasshopper Express will also offer a 2.8 MP model based on a brand new, never-before-seen quad-tap Sony EXview HAD CCD. More Sony CCDs will be added to the Point Grey line-up, including the ICX618 (1/4” VGA at 120 FPS) and ICX414 (1/2” VGA at 74 FPS) sensors, which will be introduced in the new Flea®3.

Choose Between GigE or FireWire


Gigabit Ethernet, known for easily supporting long cable lengths up to 100 meters and high 1000 Mbit/s data rates, will be introduced in two new Point Grey camera series. The fully redesigned Flea®3 is ultra-compact (just 29 x 29 x 30 mm) and will offer a selection of eight Sony CCDs (VGA to 5 MP) and a choice of IEEE 1394b 800 Mbit/s or GigE digital interface. The next-generation Grasshopper2 is a high resolution, compact camera that will also offer a choice of 1394b or GigE interface.

Customization Adds Flexibility


The Giraffe™is a new board-level camera for qualified OEM’s that features a standardized main board with both USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394b interfaces, and one or more highly configurable remote heads that can be customized to meet varying image sensor, board size, cable length, and optics requirements. A sample camera configuration intended for prototyping purposes will use a 1.3 megapixel Sony ICX445 EXview HAD CCD.

10 Tap Camera Link Breaks Barriers


The new Gazelle™ series of cameras delivers an unsurpassed combination of size, speed, and price. The compact Gazelle measures just 44 x 29 x 58 mm and will offer a 10 tap 6.4 Gbit/s digital interface designed to accommodate a variety of new high resolution, high speed CMOS image sensors.

New SuperSpeed Interface Choice


At 5 Gbit/s, USB 3.0 promises a major leap forward in transfer speeds and reliability, while continuing to build on USB 2.0’s low cost and easy integration. To showcase these performance benefits Point Grey will demonstrate a prototype USB 3.0 camera that uses the new 3 megapixel (MP) Sony IMX036 CMOS image sensor, and can stream uncompressed HD 1080p60 video. The Grasshopper Express™ is planned to be the first Point Grey camera series to introduce USB 3.0-equipped models, starting later in 2010.

Camera Standards Enable Compatibility

All new Point Grey GigE cameras will comply with the GigE Vision 1.1. Similarly, all FireWire and USB models will comply with the new IIDC 1.32 digital camera specification, which implements frame buffer and lookup table support, and additional custom video modes. Compliance with these well-established standards allows cameras to be used with Point Grey’s new FlyCapture 2.0 SDK, as well as third-party software packages from vendors like Cognex, MVTec, and National Instruments.
Vancouver, BC, Canada