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VISION becomes real with DapTechnology's 1394b S1600 FireCore IP SOC Solution

NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands -- November 08, 2010 -- DapTechnology, a world-leading supplier of advanced IEEE 1394 protocol analyzers and solutions to the aerospace, defense, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics markets, announced today that the company will demonstrate the world's first high speed S1600 1.6 Gigabit IEEE-1394b FireWire system-on-a-chip (SOC) and analysis solution at VISION 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany.

DapTechnology FireWire s1600 Point Grey

The demonstration will show a complete development and analysis/verification solution consistent with an embedded development platform (FireESDK), a PCIe host adapter card (HAC1600) and the latest version of DapTechnology's analyzer model FireSpy1600. All mentioned components are built on DapTechnology's brand new FireCore SOC which combines a PHY and LLC layer in one FPGA solution. For the demonstration the FireESDK is configured to combine two individual S800 video streams from standard cameras (Point Grey Grasshopper) into a single S1600 cable connection running at S1600. The two iso channels will be transmitted to a computer which will then display a 3d video rendering. In parallel the FireSpy analyzer will demonstrate its S1600 analysis capabilities. Furthermore, two FireCore IP-enabled 1394B S1600 camera prototypes from leading industrial camera manufacturers will be connected to a host PC via the HAC1600 PCIe plug-in cards in order to demonstrate the system's throughput.

Point Grey FireWire s1600

The DapTechnology 1.6 Gigabit 1394b FireCore IP will initially be available on a Xilinx FPGA and comprises a 1394b standards-compliant PHY & Link IP boasting throughput rates of up to 1.6 Gigabits per second – a performance gain of up to twice that of the currently available IEEE 1394b-2008 and Gigabit Ethernet standards. The 1.6 Gigabit IEEE 1394b SOC Solution suite, which is expected to be released commercially during Q1 of 2011, will include the DapTechnology 1.6 Gigabit compliant IEEE-1394b FireGate PHY IP core and FireLink Extended Link Layer Controller IP core, a 1.6 Gigabit Peripheral Development Board, a 1-lane PCI Express Host Adapter and a 1.6 Gigabit IEEE 1394b FireSpy Analyzer. Furthermore, FireStack - DapTechnology's own IEEE-1394b software suite - is available for Windows and other operating systems. An S3200 3.2 Gigabit version of the suite is expected to be available by the end of 2011.

"Implementing higher speed IEEE 1394b has become a reality with this new DapTechnology 1.6 Gigabit IEEE 1394b FireWire SOC Solution," says Jan de Vries, CEO of DapTechnology. Mr. de Vries adds, "We are proud to have pioneered the efforts needed to push the limits and propel IEEE 1394b to the next frontier."

Additional details on the DapTechnology 1.6 Gigabit IEEE 1394b FireWire SOC Solution will be made available shortly at www.daptechnology.com.

About DapTechnology

DapTechnology is a company specializing in products, systems and solutions based on the IEEE 1394 Standard. Since it's inception in 1998, the company has been working closely with the IEEE 1394 standards development organizations, strategic industry partners and key customers to develop world class products employing IEEE 1394. The DapTechnology FireSpy IEEE 1394 Protocol Analyzer products have gained worldwide acceptance and are currently being used in various aerospace and defense, industrial, consumer electronics and automotive product development and production efforts. DapTechnology's exponential business growth in recent years is a testament of the company's commitment to meticulous engineering disciplines, exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Both DapTechnology B.V. and DapUSA, Inc. are owned by DapHolding BV. DapUSA, based in Phoenix, AZ, was formed in 2005 to address the ever-growing North American market for IEEE 1394 systems and solutions.

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NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands