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Point Grey Launches High-Speed Gazelle Camera Series with CMOSIS 2 and 4 MP Sensors

January 26, 2011 – Richmond, BC, Canada – Point Grey, a world leader in advanced imaging products, today announced the launch of its Gazelle Camera Link digital camera series, delivering an unsurpassed combination of size, speed and price.

The Gazelle camera debuts with 2.2 and 4.1 megapixel monochrome models that are based on the high sensitivity CMOSIS CMV2000 and CMV4000 global shutter CMOS sensors. With a Camera Link digital interface in Base (2-tap) and Full (8-tap) configurations, the 2.2 megapixel model outputs 2048x1088 resolution images at a maximum rate of 280 FPS, while the 4.1 megapixel model outputs 2048x2048 images at 150 FPS. The Gazelle features the same compact housing as Point Grey’s popular Grasshopper camera, which measures just 44 x 29 x 58 mm in size. A host of features are included for customizing imaging applications, including opto-isolated GPIO for industrial triggering and strobe output, pixel binning and region of interest modes, and user configuration sets for custom default settings.

“The sensitivity and high-speed imaging performance of the CMOSIS CMV2000 and CMV4000 make these truly exceptional sensors,” says Vladimir Tucakov, Director of Sales and Marketing at Point Grey. “Integrating them into the extremely compact Grasshopper form factor and pairing them with Camera Link—still the bandwidth king at 680 MByte/s—allows us to bring a very unique product with unbeatable value to the market.”

The New Gazelle Camera Link Digital Camera

The Gazelle is equipped with an industry-standard C-mount lens holder, removable optical window, two (2) SDR connectors with screw locks, on-board temperature and power sensors, and status LED. Every Gazelle comes with an ASA/ISO-compliant tripod mounting bracket at no extra cost. Additional features include 8- and 10-bit image modes, row windowing with support for up to 8 separate ROIs, the ability to install new firmware versions in the field, reverse imaging (X-Y mirroring), and embedded image information.  Using a command set developed by Point Grey in conjunction with external frame grabber software, users can control camera operation and configure properties such as gain, exposure, and black level.

The GZL-CL-22C5M-C (2/3-inch 2048x1088 at 280 FPS), list priced at USD $1,695 and the GZL-CL-41C6M-C (1-inch 2048x2048 at 150 FPS), list priced at USD $2,545, are available to order now from Point Grey and its network of distributors.

About Point Grey Research, Inc.

Point Grey Research, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development of advanced digital camera technology products for machine vision, industrial imaging, and computer vision applications. Based in Richmond, BC, Canada, Point Grey designs, manufactures and distributes IEEE-1394 (FireWire) and USB 2.0 cameras that are known for their excellent quality, performance, and ease of use. A broad range of hardware, software and mechanical engineering skills has allowed Point Grey to successfully bring many innovative and ground-breaking products to market. This drive for innovation has led to many industry firsts, including the first and smallest 1394b digital camera.

Since its founding in January of 1997, the company's approach to product pricing, quality control, and customer service has attracted thousands of customers worldwide, and its organic growth through product sales has enabled the company to expand significantly without any outside investment. Point Grey currently employs more than 90 people worldwide and has a wholly-owned German subsidiary that provides sales and support services to customers in Europe, Africa and Israel. The company also has a strong network of distributors in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, and Taiwan. For more information, visit www.ptgrey.com.

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