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Point Grey at Automate 2011 Show Preview

Automate 2011 Header

At AUTOMATE 2011 Point Grey will showcase a number of products and live demos such as the world's smallest 1.3 MP Flea3 GigE camera, featuring the Sony ICX 445 CCD sensor, and measuring just 29 x 29 x 30 mm in size. Upcoming USB 3.0 models of this camera line will also be running live at the show, including a 1.3MP Flea3 featuring the VITA1300 CMOS sensor by Cypress.

Further demo highlights will include the Grasshopper2 GigE Vision cameras such as the GS2-GE-20S4 running the Sony ICX274 2MP sensor at 30 FPS and the GS2-GE-50S5, a highly sensitive 5MP CCD capable of running at 15 FPS. Also on display will be the Gazelle Camera Link series featuring high resolution, high frame rate CMOS image sensors.

Automate 2011 Point Grey booth

Visit Point Grey at AUTOMATE 2011 in booth 728!


Chicago, Illinois USA