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Best Sellers of 2015 - USB3 and GigE Vision Cameras

Welcome to the best sellers for 2015! If you’re curious about which Point Grey camera models customers are using look no further. Looking back on 2015, we took all of our USB 3.0 and GigE purchases and ordered them based on quantity alone, in other words, which models were ordered the most! With 2016 already here, these best sellers might just give you some insight on which camera models to use.



Top USB 3.0 Mono Camera Model

Best selling machine vision mono camera

Model: FL3-U3-13Y3M-C

  • 1280 x 1024 at 150 FPS
  • On Semi VITA1300 CMOS
  • Global shutter
  • Mono
  • C-mount
  • $595USD / €465

Why? The combination of high frame rate (150 FPS) and low cost makes this camera our top USB 3.0 mono model for 2015. Along with the fact that the 1.3 MP sensor is global shutter and that the Flea3 is lightweight, compact and USB 3.0 makes this an excellent high speed, general purpose camera. If you're not too picky about low light performance this camera offers excellent value.


Top USB 3.0 Color Camera Model

Best Selling Color USB3 Machine Vision Camera

Model: FL3-U3-32S2C-CS

  • 2080 x 1552 at 60 FPS
  • Sony IMX036 CMOS
  • Rolling shutter with global reset
  • Color
  • CS-mount
  • $595USD / €465

Why? 1080p60! Sony's IMX036 runs at an impressive 60 FPS at a max resolution of 2080 x 1552. For only $595 it's a cost effective, lightweight, USB 3.0 solution for color visualization applications that demand HD imaging at 60 FPS. While the sensor’s rolling shutter might put off some customers, the high frame rate helps reduce image distortion while its Exmor sensor technology produces vibrant images with a high signal-to-noise ratio (40 dB).



Top GigE Mono Camera Model

Best Seller GigE Vision Camera 1.3MP at 60 FPS

Model: BFLY-PGE-13E4M-CS

  • 1280 x 1024 at 60 FPS
  • e2v EV76C560 CMOS
  • Global shutter
  • Mono
  • CS-mount
  • $395USD / €299

Why? This model offers a very competitive price point ($395 USD) for a 1.3 MP global shutter camera running at 60 FPS. The balance between resolution, frame rate and price makes this GigE model an excellent cost effective camera for a wide variety of applications. 


Top GigE Color Camera Model

Best selling GigE Vision Machine Vision Camera with Pregius Sensor

Model: BFLY-PGE-23S6C-C

  • 1920 x 1200 at 41 FPS
  • Sony IMX249 CMOS
  • Global shutter
  • Color
  • C-mount
  • $495USD / €379

Why? Out of all of our color models under $500 this model was the best selling because of its imaging performance (low temporal dark noise: 6.97 e-, high saturation capacity: 33723 e-, high dynamic range: 73.09 dB). It offers the same global shutter imaging performance and resolution as its twin Pregius sensor the IMX174 but with a lower frame rate of 41 FPS. If you don't need very fast frame rates, this model offers excellent overall value along with some of the best color imaging performance.



Top CS-Mount Lens

Best selling GigE Vision Machine Vision Camera with Pregius Sensor
Model: LENS-30FS-V80CS 

  • Manufacture P/N: Fujinon YV2.8×2.8SA-2
  • Sensor Format 1/3" or smaller
  • CS-Mount Cameras
  • $80USD / €64

Why? Our most versatile compact lens at the lowest price. Manual iris with lock tabs and a wide aperture of F1.2 makes this vari focal lens the first choice for many 1/3" camera models. 


Top C-Mount Lens

Best selling GigE Vision Machine Vision Camera with Pregius Sensor
Model: LENS-15F3-60C 

  • Manufacture P/N: Fujinon DF6HA-1B
  • Sensor Format 1/2" or smaller
  • C-Mount Cameras
  • CS-Mount using 5mm adapter
  • $190USD / €152

Why? Compact, low distortion, wide aperture of F1.2 - F16, 6mm focal length, and lock tabs makes this lens a good low cost choice for factory automation, inspection or qualification applications.


Did you find this article helpful? Any questions or comments? If you need more help narrowing down your camera choice we're here to help. Email sales@ptgrey.com or message me at michael.jacoby@ptgrey.com