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Interactive 5 MP and 3.2 MP Camera Comparison Charts

5 MP and 3.2 MP Camera Comparison Charts Banner

In honor of the newly released low-cost Pregius Global Shutter CMOS sensors, the 5 MP IMX264 and 3.2 MP IMX265, we’ve compiled a few charts to aid you in your camera comparison quest. These charts can serve as a quick reference point to help you in your camera selection process.

Instructions: Hover over the graph lines to view each model's QE data. Click the bottom camera titles to turn on/off the corresponding graph line.

For the following 3.2 MP charts we've added the 2.0 MP Blackfly with the ICX274 CCD (BFLY-U3-20S4M-CS) and the 2.3 MP Blackfly with the IMX249 CMOS (BFLY-U3-23S6M-C)

For the bar charts below, click on the camera titles at the bottom of each chart to visit their landing page.

top legend

*BFLY-U3-23S6M EMVA 1288 performance data taken in low noise imaging mode (Video mode 7).

The above charts are based on our EMVA 1288 imaging performance tests. With the exception of the BFLY-U3-23S6M, the data shown is taken from the camera's normal imaging mode (Video Mode 0). For low-noise (Video Mode 7) imaging performance data please download the latest Imaging Performance PDFs located under the documents tab of each camera model. Please note that in some cases, test results vary based on firmware changes. If your application demands extremely precise imaging performance, we recommend conducting your own camera tests in your application environment. For an overview to the EMVA 1288 terms and definitions please visit EMVA 1288 Overview: Imaging Performance.