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CEO Q&A with Vlad Tucakov and Andy Teich after Acquisition

Vlad TucakovComments from Vladimir Tucakov, former CEO of Point Grey Research and now General Manager at FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions:

What was the rationale behind the purchase from Point Grey's point of view?

There were a few reasons but primarily to support the next level of Point Grey’s corporate growth and the maturation of the company by having access to world-class experience offered by FLIR. Point Grey and FLIR provide solutions to a wide array of applications and markets making this a great partnership. Another important aspect was to provide our employees personal career growth opportunities within a larger company.

How will this change Point Grey's operations? Will they keep the brand?

Point Grey will now be known as FLIR “Integrated Imaging Solutions” group, operating as a stand-alone entity within FLIR’s OEM and Emerging business segment. 

How does Point Grey's technology complement FLIR's?

The addition of the Point Grey business extends FLIR’s existing OEM cores and components business by adding a broad range of visible spectrum machine vision cameras and solutions. Further, the combination of stereo vision and spherical imaging with thermal technology will create powerful solutions for a variety of existing and new applications.

What types of FLIR technology will boost Point Grey's offerings in the Integrated Imaging Solutions division?

Thermal imaging technology provides vision systems customers a new imaging spectrum that offers a rich, largely untapped layer of information that can be further leveraged. Point Grey’s global presence and credibility in industrial vision systems provides FLIR a strong platform to integrate their leading thermal technology.

How does the purchase change the wider machine vision company landscape?

This combination provides a larger, stronger base of operation for Point Grey’s business.  The addition of thermal technology significantly enhances the range of products we can offer our customers.  I truly believe that our combined products and industry expertise in various vertical markets will open many opportunities for new machine vision applications. We are looking forward to creating innovative, highly valuable solutions for a wide array of intelligent imaging applications and are excited about the future. 


Andy TeichComments from Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR Systems: 

Does this mean FLIR is targeting the machine vision sector more than it used to with just its thermal imaging products?

FLIR has had offerings in the machine vision market for several years, but the addition of the Point Grey business augments FLIR’s existing business by adding a broad range of visible spectrum machine vision cameras, solutions and market expertise. We felt that the machine vision space has an opportunity for explosive growth as factories continue to use imaging sensors across the electromagnetic spectrum to aid in factory automation and improved quality control.  

What are FLIR's goals for the future concerning the machine vision sector?

Point Grey is a global leader and a proven, high-performing business with an impressive set of products, customers, processes, and people, all of which we see as being highly synergistic and strategically significant to FLIR as we expand our presence in this space. We are excited about the opportunity to better serve the machine vision market with a broader base of solutions. We look forward to the prospect of opening new application spaces together by leveraging Point Grey’s existing technology and injecting FLIR’s thermal technology. 

How do you see FLIR's thermal technology evolving in the machine vision sector? 

The use of thermal imaging technology has been developing in the machine vision space for the last decade.  With the advent of lower cost uncooled thermal camera technology, a whole new world of machine vision has been opened.  FLIR’s thermal sensor technology, with its unique ability to remotely measure temperature, see through factory obscurants such as smoke and steam, detect and analyze thermal patterns, and accurately detect and characterize human activity in retail settings, will allow the development of a whole new range of applications and solutions for the machine vision market.

For more information please read the press release: FLIR Systems Completes Acquisition of Point Grey Research, Inc