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FLIR Expands European Distribution Network into Italy with Visionlink

We are pleased to announce our partnership with VisionLink srl, an authorized distributor in Italy for our USB3 Vision and GigE Vision area scan cameras. Visionlink srl is an established provider of machine vision hardware, software, and consulting. Visionlink focuses on helping customers build automatic control systems in the industrial, scientific, and medical fields. As with all our partners, VisionLink shares our passion for excellence in customer experiences and support.

This partnerships provides VisionLink customers access to FLIR's extensive portfolio of area scan cameras, leveraging the industry’s most advanced sensors, features, and software development kits. It also provides more choice to FLIR's Italian customers, who can work with FLIR directly or VisionLink for consultation services, local language support, and access to additional accessories.

Learn more about VisionLink srl.