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New Blackfly S Video | New Computar lenses | Updated Sensor Review

Update to Blackfly S family including new board-level version

New Blackfly S video
Key Features of the Blackfly S
FLIR launched the Blackfly S camera family two years ago and since then, it has grown to include 22 models. It’s now our most popular camera line. In this video, we will review some key features of the Blackfly S and introduce the new board-level versions.

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NEW Computar MPY Series 12MP, 1.1” C-Mount Lenses
Computar MPY Series 12 MP, 1.1" C-Mount Lenses
Computar's new MPY series are light and compact C-Mount lenses designed for the 20 MP IMX183. They support 3.45 um pixels on up to 1.1" sensors, and their resolution and size also pairs well with the IMX253 and IMX255.

The Computar lenses are available for order now.

North American customers, see the specs for:
LENS-080C7C, LENS-120C7C, LENS-250C7C

EU customers:
LENS-080C7C, LENS-120C7C, LENS-250C7C

Updated Sensor Review
Updated Mono Sensor Review

Here are two ways to compare camera sensor imaging performance using their quantum efficiency, dynamic range, temporal dark noise (read noise) values and more:

The PDF versions - Mono version is now updated
 The Online version - Part of our Camera selector, includes color, and is always updated

10 GigE Technology Update

10 GigE Technology Update
New line of Trendnet products enabled by Aquantia's latest 10GigE hardware.
For the IEEE 1588 protocol to work, cameras need to be able to "see" each other on the network, which is easier accomplished using a switch than multiple NICs. The 12-port 10GigE TEG-40128 smart switch is an ideal choice for enabling the IEEE 1588 protocol across multiple 10GigE cameras. Combo ports allow its use as a media converter supporting cable lengths in excess of 1,000 meters over optical fiber.
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