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How to double manufacturing capacity in 6 months | Shipping now: BFS board level and on-sensor polarization models | GS3 Sale

Blackfly S Board Level Shipping Now

New Blackfly S video
How to double manufacturing capacity in 6 months and achieve 4-week lead times
Like many of you, we at FLIR experienced exponential demand over the last 18 months. With the help of FLIR colleagues around the world, we were able to double our manufacturing capacity in six months. How? By going from batch production methods to single-piece flow. Customers can now receive cameras within four weeks of placing an order and our webstore is well stocked.

 Read the interview with our VP of Manufactuing and Director of Business Excellence

Shipping Now: Blackfly S Board Level Models and the Polarization Model
Shipping Now: Blackfly S Board Level Models and the Polarization Model

Three new FLIR Blackfly S models are now shipping!

1) Blackfly S Board Level models with IMX250. These versions are made for embedded systems and include the full Blackfly S feature set in an even smaller package.

5 MP IMX250 (75 FPS) Specifications: Color, Mono  
EU Customers: Color, Mono  

2) Polarization! The BFS-U3-51S5P-C features Sony's new IMX250MZR sensor with pixel-level polarizing filters. It is designed to overcome reflections and glare from surfaces such as glass, plastic, and metal.

Specifications  EU customers
 Read more about polarization here

Updated Sensor Review
Save over 60% on FLIR Grasshopper3 9.1 MP Mono USB 3.1 (Sony ICX814)

FLIR Grasshopper3 9.1 MP Mono USB 3.1 camera is now available for over 60% off. This model features a Sony EXview HAD CCD IICCD sensor with excellent quantum efficiency and high dynamic range, packed into a 1" sensor format camera. Order now — while quantities last!

Specifications & webstore - Regular MSRP $3,495 | Overstock price $1,200
 EU customers - Regular MSRP €2695 |
Overstock price €1000

10 GigE Technology Update

10 GigE Technology Update

Memory joins the distribution network in China
We are pleased to introduce Memory, FLIR's new distributor in China. Memory has 25 years of experience providing machine vision solutions, focusing on helping customers build automatic control systems in the industrial, scientific, and medical fields.
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