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Shipping now: Blackfly S GigE Camera With On-sensor Polarization | More Upcoming Blackfly S Models

Blackfly S GigE Camera with On-sensor Polarization

New Blackfly S video
Blackfly S GigE Camera With On-sensor Polarization
The GigE version of the Blackfly S camera with on-sensor polarization is now shipping! The BFS-PGE-51S5P-C features Sony's new IMX250MZR sensor, which is based on the popular 5MP 2/3" IMX250 Pregius global shutter CMOS sensor and has a 5.0 MP @ 24 FPS over PoE GigE interface.

EU Customers
 Read more about polarization here

Shipping Now: Blackfly S Board Level Models and the Polarization Model
Get Ready for Three New Blackfly S Models

The BFS-U3-23S3M/C-C and BFS-PGE-23S3M/C-C feature Sony's IMX392, a 2.3 MP 1/2.3" Pregius sensor. They are ideal alternatives for the IMX174 in the Grasshopper3 platform, with the same 163 FPS and resolution as the GS3-U3-23S6 but in the smaller Blackfly S package and supporting more compact, less expensive optics.

USB3 Specifications: Color, Mono  
EU Customers: Color, Mono  

GigE Specifications: Color, Mono  
EU Customers: Color, Mono  

The BFS-U3-120S4M/C-C features Sony's IMX226 STARVIS sensor. This 12 MP 1/1.7" rolling shutter CMOS device uses backside-illuminated (BSI) technology to greatly increase pixel sensitivity. It delivers 4K UHD resolution images at 32 FPS with excellent low-light performance. The rich Blackfly S feature set and compact ice cube size make integrating this camera into your vision system easy.

Specifications: Color, Mono  
EU Customers: Color, Mono  

Updated Sensor Review
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New Distributor

10 GigE Technology Update

More Partner Options in China
We are pleased to introduce Memory, FLIR's newest distributor in China. Memory has 25 years of experience providing machine vision solutions, focusing on helping customers build automatic control systems in the industrial, scientific, and medical fields.
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