Quantcast FLIR's Machine Vision Problem Solving Lessons

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Problem Solving Lessons

Learn about solutions to machine vision challenges using FLIR's machine vision cameras, software development kits, and state of the art technology. Explore solutions to common challenges that many integrators and system builders encounter.

Lesson #1: Capturing True Color

Capturing Consistent Color

CHALLENGE: Whether you're sorting fruits and vegetables or inspecting sneakers, capturing accurate color and rich details at high speed with guaranteed reliability calls for certain characteristics in a camera.

Lesson #2: High Resolution Imaging

High-Resolution Imaging

CHALLENGE: As PCBs and flat panel displays increase in density, the right camera is needed to design precise, cost-effective and high-throughput inspection systems.

Lesson #3: Precision Timing using IEEE 1588 PTP

Precision System Synchronization with the IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol

CHALLENGE: Too much time spent creating software workarounds to synchronize the devices in your inspection system.

Deep Learning with FLIR and NVidia

Creating and Deploying a Deep Learning System

CHALLENGE: Writing algorithms to automate complex decision making is difficult and time consuming.

Edge Computing with FLIR and NVidia

Edge Computing

CHALLENGE: Using cloud-based image processing can increase latency and network traffic. It can also pose privacy and security risks.