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An RMA number is required before a FLIR product can be returned for repair or replacement. The goal of the RMA process is to help ensure that the user has access to a working camera as quickly as possible. Fill out the following form, and your request to have a damaged or defective camera repaired will be sent to our support team for processing.

Read more about our RMA requirements.

MULTIPLE CAMERAS: If an RMA is being requested for multiple units of the same model, complete only one form and note all camera serial numbers in the "Problem Details" section.  For a large RMA, users can create a single RMA request and reply to the RMA auto-response with a spreadsheet of the multiple cameras with debugging information for each listed.

ATTACHMENTS: Reply to the RMA auto-response e-mail from mv-support@flir.com with any attachments, such as sample images, FLIRFileVer reports, etc.


Please choose between a Repair RMA request or a Return RMA request: