Quantcast Surround 360 Camera Bundle

Please note that FLIR only offers the camera, GPIO connector, and USB 3.1 cable in the following bundles. You will still need to source your own lens, metal frame, as well as other components to create your own Surround 360 device.
Facebook Surround 360 cameraFortunately Facebook provides an open source Surround 360 camera design and stitching code to help developers and creators unlock ideas and innovate faster to accelerate the burgeoning 3D-360 ecosystem. Visit Facebook's Surround 360 site for the full recommended component list, design blue prints and community support forum.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will FLIR support me in building the entire Surround 360?

We can only offer direct support for issues relating to the Grasshopper3 camera image acquisition, triggering and synchronization. For support click here.

2) I don't see a lens in any of these bundles, where can I purchase them?

FLIR does not sell the recommended lens for the Surround 360. Please visit the Facebook Github Repo page for more information.

3) Where can I purchase the case for the Surround 360?

Please visit the Facebook Github Repo page for more information.

4) What computer specifications do I need to capture and process the video?

Recommended computer specs are posted on the Facebook Github Repo page.

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Surround 360 Camera Bundle

Facebook Surround360 with FLIR Cameras

Facebook's open-source, high-quality 3D-360 video capture system includes hardware specifications and software code for camera control and post processing. Developers can leverage the design and code, and content creators can use the camera in their productions. 

The system features 17 Grasshopper3 4.1 MP cameras:

  • Fourteen are arranged with a 50% overlapping field of view around a circle each using a wide-angle 7mm f/2.4 lens
  • One camera is arranged on top with a 2.7mm focal length fisheye lens
  • Two cameras are arranged on the bottom each with a 2.7mm focal length fisheye lens
  • All the cameras feature global shutter CMOS sensors to eliminate the tearing artifacts typical of less-expensive rolling shutter cameras.

Based on Facebook’s specifications, FLIR created the following VR-S360 bundle options. 

Grasshopper3 4.1MP Camera
Bundle 1 – VR-S360-1

17 x Grasshopper3 cameras

Grasshopper3 4.1MP Camera
Bundle 2 – VR-S360-2

17 x Grasshopper3 cameras

17 x GPIO connectors

17 x 3 meter USB3 cables

Grasshopper3 4.1MP Camera
Bundle 3 - VR-S360-3

17 x Grasshopper3 cameras

17 x GPIO connectors

17 x 5 meter USB3 cables

  • Grasshopper3 Machine Vision USB3 Camera The Grasshopper3 GS3-U3-41C6C model is based on the extremely fast and very sensitive CMOSIS CMV4000, a 1" CMOS featuring 5.5 micron square pixels and 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution.

    Quick Specs:
    CMOSIS CMV4000 Global Shutter CMOS
    4.1MP, 2048x2048 at 90FPS
  • The USB 3.1 cables included with Bundle 2 and 3 come with machine vision standard locking screws to guarantee physical connection. Our USB 3.1 cables are tested and qualified to work with our industrial cameras.
  • The GPIO connectors included with Bundle 2 and 3 offers a simplified and secure connection to the GPIO pins.