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Comparing the Flea2 and Flea2G Digital Imaging Cameras

Technical Application Note TAN2009002

Revised May 24, 2012



Technical Application Note (TAN2009002): Comparing the Flea2 and Flea2G Digital Imaging Cameras


Applicable Product(s)

  • Flea2 and Flea2G FireWire imaging cameras (all models)



The Flea2 (FL2) and Flea2G (FL2G) digital imaging cameras were developed as next generation replacements for the popular Flea camera. The FL2 and FL2G share most of the same hardware and software features, including an IEEE-1394b interface, on-board color processing, and the same small form factor. Additionally, both models are backward-compatible with the IEEE-1394a standard used by the Flea.

Customers evaluating the two cameras may find a number of feature enhancements in the FL2G useful in meeting their requirements. These enhancements include the following:

  • Redesigned GPIO for protection against voltage spikes or ground loop conditions, and for minimizing the need for external current-limiting resistors.
  • On-camera frame buffer.
  • On-camera flash memory.
  • New and improved CCD driving for improved sensor output.
  • New FPGA design for processing 5 MP images (FL2G-50S5 only).
  • Sony EXview HAD CCDä for near-infrared sensitivity (FL2G-13S2 only).

The following sections outline some of these differences in more detail and provide links to additional sources of information.

For customers upgrading from a Flea camera, Point Grey Research strongly encourages putting the FL2 and FL2G through a full requalification process.


Hardware and Electronics




CCD imaging sensors

  • 648x488: Sony ICX424 1/3”
  • 1032x776: Sony ICX204 1/3”
  • 1392x1032: Sony ICX267 1/2”
  • 1624x1224: Sony ICX274 1/1.8”
  • 1296x964: Sony ICX445 1/3”

   (High-sensitivity EXview HAD)

  • 2448x2048: Sony ICX655 2/3”

GPIO electrical characteristics

  • 4 bi-directional input/output pins
  • 2 GND pins for all pins
  • 1 opto-isolated input pin
  • 1 opto-isolated open collector output pin
  • 2 bi-directional input/output pins
  • 1 GND pin for opto-isolated pins
  • 1 GND pin for bi-directional pins
  • Pin 8 (+3.3V) is capable of powering external circuitry up to a total of 150mA.
  • When configured as outputs, each of the I/O lines can sink 10mA of current.






Maximum resolution and frame rates using Format_7

  • 648x488 (FL2-03S2) at 80 FPS
  • 1032x776 (FL2-08S2) at 30 FPS
  • 1392x1032 (FL2-14S3) at 15 FPS
  • 1624x1224 (FL2-20S4) at 15 FPS
  • 1296x964 (FL2G-13S2) at 30 FPS
  • 2448x2048 (FL2G-50S5) at 7.5 FPS

Frame Buffer

No on-camera frame buffer

32 MB on-camera frame buffer

User Data Storage

No on-camera data storage

512 KB of flash memory

The FL2 and FL2G cameras are programmed separately with distinct versions of firmware.


Spectral Response

Spectral response diagrams of each FL2 and FL2G model are available in Appendix A of the Flea2 Technical Reference Manual. Spectral response results are based on testing performed independently by Point Grey Research. Note that the FL2G-13S2 features a Sony EXview HAD CCD for near-infrared sensitivity.