Quantcast Triclops SDK
Triclops SDK

The Triclops™ Software Development Kit (SDK) is included with all FLIR IEEE-1394 Stereo Vision products and is used to provide real-time depth range images using stereo vision technology. It allows users to accurately measure the distance to every valid pixel in an image. Triclops includes Multithreading enhancements and 64-bit OS support on both Linux and Windows. When combined, these improvements enable full stereo image rendering at frame rates and resolutions that were not possible before. Developers can leverage concurrency and memory architecture features found in new generation hardware and operating systems, resulting in frame rates 3 to 4 times faster than was achievable in previous releases on a single core machine, with the added benefit of 64-bit memory addressing. Triclops is ideal for research in mobile robotics and computer vision.

Triclops Stereo Vision Software

Other key features include:


  • Distance Measurement for every pixel in view

  • Over 1,000,000 measurements per second

  • Removes lens distortions and misalignments

  • Extensive example programs and source code

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