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Chameleon 3.2 MP at 55 FPS
Chameleon 5.0 MP at 35 FPS
Blackfly 3.2 MP at 35 FPS
Blackfly 5.0 MP at 22 FPS

Low Cost 3.2 and 5 MP Sony Pregius Global Shutter CMOS IMX264 and IMX265

The 5 MP Sony IMX264 CMOS offers the same format and pixel size as the ICX625/655 CCD and is well suited as a replacement for these sensors. The 3.2 MP IMX265 sensor offers an outstanding imaging performance compared to other 1/1.8" global shutter sensors on the market.

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These low cost, 2nd generation Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS sensors are now available in both camera families - the board level Chameleon3 and the compact Blackfly.

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3 Tips for a 16 Camera Set-Up
3 Tips for a 16 USB 3.0 Camera Set-Up

In this short video, we cover 3 important tips for building a 16 camera USB 3.0 system: we'll go over bandwidth requirements, powering the cameras efficiently, and an example for reliably triggering all the cameras.

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3rd Party Software Getting Started Guides
3rd Party Software Getting Started Guides

Whether you’re using Cognex, Halcon, NI, Matrox or other 3rd party software packages, Point Grey provides a comprehensive selection of getting started guides to help you get your vision system up and running quickly.

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External Trigger Modes Supported by Point Grey Cameras

External trigger modes supported by Point Grey cameras

Using Linux with USB 3.0

Using Linux with USB 3.0

Understanding YUV Data Formats

Understanding YUV data formats

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