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FlyCapture SDK Example Source Code

The FlyCapture SDK provides a number of example applications to help developers get started in some basic camera programming tasks. 

The library definitions of the FlyCapture SDK differ between versions 1.x and 2.x. To assist users in upgrading their applications, many examples are provided in versions using both libraries, while illustrating parallel functionality. Most examples are written in C++. In some cases, C, C# and VB.NET samples are also provided. 

To learn more about each example and view its source code, follow the links in the table below. Examples are also described in the FlyCapture SDK Help, and are accessible either from the Windows Start Menu (All Programs > Point Grey Research Inc. > PGR FlyCapture or FlyCapture2 > Examples)  or in the \src folder of the PGR FlyCapture or FlyCapture2 installation directory.

Example Name Brief Description
FlyCaptureTest Reports information related to all compatible cameras attached to the host system, captures a series of images from a single camera, records the amount of time taken to grab them, and saves the last image in the current directory.
FlyCap The FlyCap example is the main Point Grey Research application used to capture and save images from single lens cameras.
FlyCap2MFC Equivalent to the FlyCap2 example program, except it uses the Microsoft Foundation Class Library to implement the graphical user interface.
FlyCapture2GUI Contains the same source code that is used for the Camera Selection and Camera Control dialogs in the FlyCapture2 FlyCap Demo Program.
AsyncTriggerEx Demonstrates some of the basic asynchronous trigger capabilities of compatible Point Grey Imaging Products.
BusEventsExDemonstrates how to handle bus events such as bus arrivals, removals and resets through the Managed Interface.
CustomBuffersEx Demonstrates the custom buffer and "locking" functionality available in the  FlyCapture library.
CustomImageEx Demonstrates how to configure a Point Grey Imaging Product to output custom sized images.
ExtendedShutterEx Demonstrates how to enable and calculate extended integration times for applicable Point Grey Imaging Products.
GigEGrabExDemonstrates how to grab images with GigE Vision cameras.
GrabCallbackExDemonstrates how to use the image callback functionality to receive images instead of using RetrieveBuffer().
HighDynamicRangeEx Demonstrates the use of the High Dynamic Range (HDR) functionality.
ImageEventEx Shows how to implement partial image event notification, which enables you to access to image data as it arrives in the PC's memory - before the entire image is available.
MessageLoggingEx Demonstrates how to receive messages from each camera and for each bus event.
MultipleCameraEx Illustrates how to grab a series of images from multiple synchronized cameras.
MultipleCameraWriteToDiskEx Performs the same tasks as MultipleCameraEx.  Additionally, it shows how to use the Win32 API to write images to disk as fast as possible.
SaveImageToFlashEx Reports information related to all compatible cameras attached to the host system, captures an image from a single camera, and either saves it to the cameras flash memory, or retrieves an image from flash and saves it to disk.
SaveToAviEx Streams a specified number of raw images into a windows .avi file and then converts the raw .avi into a colour .avi.
SerialPortExDlg Illustrates how to transmit and receive characters by using the camera's serial buffer system.