Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AVIOptionOptions for saving AVI files
AVIRecorderFunctionality for the user to record images to an AVI file
BusManagerFunctionality for the user to get an PGRGuid for a desired camera or device easily
CameraThe Camera object represents a physical camera
CameraControlDlgThe CameraControlDlg object represents a GTKmm dialog that provides a graphical interface to a specified camera
CameraInfoCamera information
CameraSelectionDlgThe CameraSelectionDlg object represents a GTKmm dialog that provides a graphical interface that lists the number of cameras available to the library
ConfigROMCamera configuration ROM
EmbeddedImageInfoProperties of the possible embedded image information
EmbeddedImageInfoPropertyProperties of a single embedded image info property
ErrorThe Error object represents an error that is returned from the library
FC2ConfigConfiguration for a camera
FC2VersionThe current version of the library
Format7ImageSettingsFormat 7 image settings
Format7InfoFormat 7 information for a single mode
Format7PacketInfoFormat 7 packet information
ImageUsed to retrieve images from a camera, convert between multiple pixel formats and save images to disk
ImageMetadataMetadata related to an image
ImageStatisticsThe ImageStatistics object represents image statistics for an image
JPEGOptionOptions for saving JPEG image
JPG2OptionOptions for saving JPEG2000 image
LUTDataInformation about the camera's look up table
PGMOptionOptions for saving PGM images
PGRGuidA GUID to the camera
PNGOptionOptions for saving PNG images
PPMOptionOptions for saving PPM images
PropertyA specific camera property
PropertyInfoInformation about a specific camera property
StrobeControlA camera strobe
StrobeInfoA camera strobe property
SystemInfoDescription of the system
TIFFOptionOptions for saving TIFF images
TimeStampTimestamp information
TopologyNodeTopology information that can be used to generate a tree structure of all cameras and devices connected to a computer
TriggerModeA camera trigger
TriggerModeInfoInformation about a camera trigger property
UtilitiesThe Utility class is generally used to query for general system information such as operating system, available memory etc

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